Jul. 22nd, 2012

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I'm lolling in bed with my coffee.  The cats have been fed an are sleeping it off.  Sunday Edition (NPR) has cycled through and I turned it off so all is quiet and so peaceful.

My plans for today involve a bus ride to Snohomish. Snohmish is a small town/suburb that I have only heard of in weather reports.  They are having a little mini festival.  The bus leaves from a couple of blocks from here and the whole trip - there and back is 4 hours.  I have my book (on tablet), my phone, my travel knitting.  It's not hot now and it's not supposed to get hot today.  So off I will go on a little mini adventure.

The bus doesn't leave until 11 so I have tons of time to loll some more and then get up and make some breakfast and take my sweet time getting out the door.
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The Metro bus system here has a rather active retired bus driver association and they have old buses that they take out on excursions several times a year.  Last December [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu and I took one to see the Christimas lights.  Today I took one to Snohmish.  They are fun little trips.  They meet up about 3 blocks from here and charge $5.  No reservations needed.


Today's trip was just perfect.  There were 3 buses to pick from and I took the newest because I figured it would be the least populated and the most comfortable and I was right on both counts.  I plugged my ear buds in and fired up my audio book and took out my knitting and enjoyed the most pleasant ride!  The sun wasn't out so there was no glare.  It was not too hot and not too cold.  There was plenty to see and watch.


The town of Snohmish isn't tiny but it isn't big either.  The 'downtown' is about 5 blocks or 6 blocks long a stuffed with cute little shops.  Most were antique shops.  Interestingly unlike many downtown areas, there were very few empty shops.  Then they had several streets blocked off with tents and festival kinds of things - more tacky and cheap looking than most.  And they had yet another street blocked off for food trucks.  There were a lot of food trucks but I wasn't hungry.  I did get some lemonade and, to my delight, it was very high quality lemonade!


We got there at noon and the driver told us to be back at that spot at 2. This was the perfect amount of time. The ride home was every bit as delightful as the ride there. I love a road trip when someone else drives.

And now I'm home and wishing one of those food trucks was in the living room cause now I'm starving. I think right now might be the perfect time to order a Serious Pie pizza. I can hop in the car and I'll be there when it's ready.

I think that's exactly what I will do.
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