Jul. 26th, 2012

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I remember my very first friend who quit work when she had a baby to be a stay at home mom. I asked her what she did with all her free time. She was so pissed. In retrospect I get it but at the time I was totally baffled.

Today I told my friend, Madeline, at the pool that I was looking at early retirement and her reaction was that I was not nearly old enough (she's retired and about 10 years older than I am) and then "So what will you do with your days?"

I think I'm going to start a list of all those things that right now I would not even come close to considering:

1. Teach Madeline how to use a computer (that was her suggestion)
2. Drive old people places
3. Deal in any way with children.
4. Teach anything.
5. Go into an office every day.

That's my short list and all of it is subject to change. The next six months are for figuring out what I'm going to do with my days.

But I'm not retired yet. Still no word from bossman. It's pretty clear he hasn't said anything to anyone I work with which will soon get awkward. I did have to say something to one of them but so far been able to dodge the issue with a couple of others.


When I got back from the pool, Betty was in the kitchen begging for lunch. So I opened up a can of something she has liked before. I split maybe a third of the 5 oz can into two plates. Travis usually takes a couple of bites and she eats both plates.

Today both pates were cleaned. And then 20 minutes later, she threw up every single bit of it and more in three places on the carpet. And then she hopped around getting snuggly, picking on Travis, getting between my fingers and the keyboard. I mean it's clear that she does not feel bad. I will feed her something else tonight.
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