Jul. 27th, 2012

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Last night I had a dream about work. It was that my boss changed his mind and decided he'd lay me off not now but later and he wasn't sure when 'in a couple of months'. In the dream I was crushed with disappointment. My work laptop seemed to eat up all the space in the living room and oh-by-the-way, the project he wanted me to work on was with the woman who has driven me nuts this past year.

When I got home from the pool today and hadn't heard anything yet, I sent him an email asking what was happening.

He did respond (fairly quickly, actually) and said that he would send out a letter later today making today the official date. He also said that he was adding two weeks severance which is lovely and unexpected.

Time to change my Facebook status! oh, wait...
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I got the letter. It was nicely worded, officially spelling out that my release was because of lack of work, not any deficiencies on my part. It will make a nice reference letter if I need it.

I have a couple of questions but enough clues to find out the answers on my own if I have to. I'll take my work laptop and corporate smart card into the boss's office on Monday morning and I'll take the corporate Orca (bus pass) card back to Microsoft sometime next week. I will totally miss that free ride!

Monday I will also apply for unemployment insurance and dig into the COBRA - I've made it plain that I want it and my boss, in his letter, says he'll pay for August and September so I'm pretty sure all is cool but I want to know for sure. Health insurance is not something with which I want to fuck.

It feels 3% rejection-y, 97% cool and 100% strange. (Used Click and Clack Math there - fitting since they are retiring, too!)
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