Jul. 29th, 2012

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Today I walked from home to the bus tunnel.  Then from  Westlake Center to Lola's to Target to home - not that far, actually.  Maybe 2  miles max - probably not that much.  And I walked it in the shoes I plan to take to CES.  

I am beat and my feet are killing me.  

It was hot but still...  this is not good.  So maybe I need to do some walking.  I didn't have socks on and that could be part of the foot problem.  Maybe it's a bad day.  Maybe I can't walk any more.  And truthfully, I'm ok with that except I am not going to rent a scooter for CES again. I am going to walk it.  So...  

Now I have my first retirement project.  I need to ratchet up my walking stamina.  Preferably in my shoes of choice.  Preliminarily, I will walk up to the Market and back - 2 miles - at least once a week.  That's the minimum and there may be more.

I did really really love the new Target.  It's really stunning.  

I had brunch at Lola's - the only Tom Douglas restaurant I had never tried.  It was surprisingly excellent.

This afternoon will be more sewing and some baseball.
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Well, now I have the time!  But, turns out the list was short an I am done.  

1.  Patch the paint in the kitchen where the thing that hides the cable pulled some of the paint off the wall.  Done

2.  Take all my t-shirts with pictures and tatoo my hoodie with all the pictures.  Done.

3   Make a sleeve for my Nexus7.  Done.

Put everything away.  Done.

I still have a baseball game to finish and a bear who needs an arm and two ears.  I'm on it.

Here's my handiwork:

The back...


The front...


The pocket is for my little stand.

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