Aug. 1st, 2012

Next up?

Aug. 1st, 2012 09:53 am
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I am not out of bed yet.  But I'm thinking about it.  I've been doing computer things.  Like manually deleting 1,250 songs from my Amazon cloud - one by one.  Their unlimited free trial is coming to an end and I don't want to pay.  I like their interface better than Googles cloud music player but I don't like it better enough to pay for it.  I am a senior on a fixed income, after all!

So that is done and then there was other little computery things to do.  

I got my first rent check yesterday.  I'm renting my storage unit - down in the lower garage - to my friend who owns the gym across the street (and also lives upstairs here).  She needs it for record storage and I like the money more than having more places to put shit so it works out perfectly.  And it pays my phone bill.

I got paperwork from the unemployment insurance people yesterday. It came in a plain white wrapper which I thought was kind of nice.  Simple and respectful.  No one sees my mail except me and the mailman and I wouldn't care if others did anyway but still, I think it's nice.

Today I'm going to walk instead of going to the pool.  The sun is out but I don't think it's terribly hot and I can walk in the shade provided by the viaduct.  I am sure going to miss that shade when they tear that sucker down.  I might as well enjoy it while I can.  So I'll walk up to the market.  Maybe back over to the new Target store - see what I didn't see before - and then home.  

At least that's the plan as of now.  But, first, I need to get up, get dressed, make the bed... etc.

Semi fail

Aug. 1st, 2012 01:48 pm
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I walked slow and fast and fairly continuously for 2 hours.  That, it appears for now, is my max.  But, I was not nearly as wiped out today as I was on Sunday so maybe there is hope.  My shoes of choice, however, aren't going to cut it - even with socks.  Oh well.

For years now I have been online stocking [ profile] badrobot68.  I also follow him on Twitter.  He works in the market but I've never known exactly where although I've gathered clues from all the various entries he's posted in both places.  He posted about Kyle's donuts getting a makeover but I had not been by to see the expansion until today.  For the record, Kyle does make the best donuts ever.  He has nearly doubled his space and while he wasn't there today, his staff had double the line of people waiting.  Nice.

But, across the way, was a wonderful fried chicken place.  They also did fried gizzards and livers and were delicious.  They are gone and now there is a Korean place there.  I wondered where the fried chicken place is and then thought that maybe, when I got home, I'd drop [ profile] badrobot68 a note and ask him.  Then I thought, why not find him and ask him.

The market is huge and I only had small clues but, once I decided to find him, it was easy peasy.  You can see a piece of his head.


His shop is very cute and so is he. I walked up and admitted to the stalking and he was very cool about it. He didn't know squat about the fried chicken place, tho. It was still a treat to meet him. He looks just like his userpic.

I went from the market to Target and finished walking the store. It really is nice and I think they are single handedly trying to fix the unemployment issue. There are about 498,283 sales people on the floor. I'll bet, in the 20 minutes I was in there, I was asked 20 times if I was finding everything ok. Each time the kids (and they were all kids) were excruciatingly polite but they every one sounded like my finding what I wanted to find was *the* most important thing in their world. It was really kind of cute.

Then home. There is an amazingly interesting assortment of people on the streets mid-day downtown. I think I saw one of everything. I even saw a guy in a suit. (He had a hotel-type name badge so it wasn't like he was wearing it for fun.)

I was stopped 3 times once I hit the last four blocks (my neighborhood). One guy in a neighborhood helper shirt asked if I wanted directions which I thought was funny. Nice, but funny. And then two Young White Men with very large fake smiles wanted to chat with me. They were two blocks apart so I'm guessing a gang/cult... No black ties so no Mormon.

Anyway, that's my adventure today. I got home to discover that Betty had thrown up her breakfast and was starving. She stayed at my ankles whining until I finally fed her. And made note in the data base of the food that she had for breakfast.

I have a couple of quick errands to do this afternoon but that's about it for agenda items today.
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I was raised in the south. Daddy taught me to hunt was in no way an unusual sentence or an unusual happening. Only my Daddy was in no way an outdoor person or a gun person. He liked his meat to come the way I do, on a nice slab of styrofoam wrapped in plastic.

My daddy taught me how to *job* hunt. Job hunting, to him, was a science and and art and a puzzle to solve and fun. I feel just that way still to this day.

My first real hunt was about 3 years after college. I'd been working as a newspaper reporter and not only did I not like it, I pretty much sucked at it. So, it was time to start over.

Mother and Daddy lived in tinytown at the foot of the North Carolina mountains. I moved in with them for a six week boot camp of job hunting. It was amazingly fun and interesting and full of adventure and travel (to job interviews) at the end of six weeks, I started my bright shiny new job at IBM.

Daddy and I would sit at the dining room table and he would talk to me - adult to adult.

"You need to put yourself in the shoes of the guy who's hiring you. You need to understand how miserable things are for him trying to do his job and the job he's trying to fill and wading though all the job candidates who are clueless."

"If you are the perfect candidate, all his worries and stress disappear. So make him happy and be that perfect candidate."

"So what if there aren't a bundle of job openings, you only need one."

"Looking for a job is the first rung up the ladder. It is a job in itself. If you can't do the looking for the job job well, then who wants to hire you anyway??"

Etc, etc. He was full of it. And he passed it on to me.

I've had a few big, good hunts in my past and a lot of little good ones, two.

But the hunt when you will otherwise starve is a lot different than the hunt for a job when you are not even sure you want a job.

Last night I started looking around at various places - craig's list, a digital support email list I'm on, and a few websites here and there. First of all I was astonished at the wide variety and massive number of openings. I found several interesting openings right in this neighborhood on Craig's list alone! None were of the drop-everything-and-get-to-work-getting-this-job category but some amazingly interesting stuff. I didn't really expect to find anything that I had the skills/interest in. Wrong.

But I'm not ready for the hunt.

As I was thinking through the opportunities last night I realized that maybe I'm not so interested in giving up this new found freedom or even my former freedom. I need to protect my pool time and make sure I'm not doing anything too taxing. It would be truly stupid to give this up for a stress bucket job. Plus, down the block isn't nearly as good as in my living room and I only found a couple of those that looked legit.

Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll feel differently but right now, I think I'm going to make enough contacts to fulfill my obligation to the state and sit on the rest. For now.
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