Aug. 3rd, 2012

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This morning I found a nifty little How to Play Bridge program on the American Contract Bridge League's website. No program or website connected with bridge has, apparently, updated their look or user interface in more than a decade. It's all very retro but this little program is also very good and there are some hilariously clever little bits to it.

I actually remember more than I thought I did which is nice. I cannot find any classes around so I guess I'll bring myself up to speed on my own and then plunge in to playing with real people - online or face to face.

Swimming was bittersweet today. It was not at all crowded but a lot of familiar faces were there for one last hurrah. 'So where will you go?' was the big question of the day. When the pool opens again, Summer will be over - yeah! And, it's really only 4 weeks away.

I have a couple of options in consideration for Monday.

On the way home, I was stopped at a red light with my windows rolled down. I was not in the safest part of town - but then no part of town is all that safe any more - when this gansta looking guy in the world's largest SUV pulled up next to me and the driver looked over with a grin and said "lady, if your car gets tired, my car will give it a ride."

I thought I would wet my pants laughing. The light turned green and I was still in hysterics and could hardly drive.

It's heating up. Today is full sun and toasting when you are standing in it. And then I checked to learn:



I love my air conditioner all the time but on days like these I want to marry it and have its babies.
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