Aug. 4th, 2012

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Swimming this morning was excellent as always. The shower afterwards was even more interesting. A woman who is a regular - I don't remember her name but she always remembers mine - told me there was a big parade on Lake City Way today and the streets were already blocked off. Whew. I was totally headed that way and would not have been happy. As it was, I ran into a little trouble, but not too much. Shower chat can be so helpful!

And then my nose smelled 1975. The woman on the other side of me was using Dr. Bonner's Castille soap. OMG, my nose just went right back to hippy days. We used that shit for everything - washing us, washing clothes, washing toilets even brushing our teeth. I had not thought about it in forever. I did not even know you could still find it. The woman using it said she got it at Bartell's (drug store) - seriously?? I have got to look next time I'm in there. She said she used it because it was the only soap she knew of that washed both her and her suit at one time in the shower easily. Smart! But wow, what a rush that smell was.

It is hot hot hot out right now. I'll bet you there are going to be a whole bunch o' regularly neon white northwesterners who are going to be crispy critters tonight. Me? I'm humping my air conditioner and being oh so grateful that it's here for me to hump.

I had two pieces of actual correspondence in the snail mail today - a very rare occurrence. The first was from the unemployment insurance people saying my direct deposit info was wrong - maggots. I redid. Sorry, guys, my bad.

The second was a letter from the Smart Car company telling me the dealership had moved. The only dealership anywhere close to here was 25 miles down the road. It almost stopped me from buying the car. Smart cars are too smart for any other mechanics besides official ones so if/when anything goes wrong, you have to take it to the dealer. I had visions of having to drive 25 miles all the time to get it worked on. BUT, it has not needed any work! I went back one time to pick up my license plate and that was it.

You don't get the oil changed all the time like other cars. Once a year they change the oil and do other stuff once the little 'it's time for the annual visit' light comes on. I'm getting close and the other day I thought - well, at least I won't have to take vacation time or miss work!

And then today I get the letter that says they have moved Smart car sales and service to the Mercedes dealership which is an easy 2 miles or less from here!! Very near good places to eat, shop, walk around and entertain myself while my car is getting worked on. Or take a bus to and from with ease. Score!

Mercedes bought Smart Car just minutes before I bought mine.

And the Mariners have won 2 out of 3 games from the Yankees! Miracle of miracles!

One thing I am really loving about retirement is keeping my house in order. Not clean as in taking Amira's job from her but tidy. Stuff is put away. There is no pile o' shit here or there that I just haven't gotten to. Where before I would just leave stuff until I got time to get back to it, now I have time so I stop and do it right then. If something needs to go to another part of the house, I take it there now. I have the time. I use it. I love living like this. I's just so peaceful and calming.
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