Aug. 7th, 2012

Caught up!

Aug. 7th, 2012 10:04 am
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Yesterday, when noodling over my lack of journal comments, I honestly thought - man you retire and instantly you become a non-person.  I've always written this journal for me.  I've loved and appreciated each and every comment but they are not why I write here.  So when the comments dried up, I was curious but did not for a minute assume or even think they might be there and I wasn't seeing them.  I did think that being retired is going to get a little lonely without them but, hey, price you pay...

Gmail!  How could you??!!  Why would you??!!! What in the world did I do to cause you to turn on me like that?  Sigh. I'm on to you now.  So be cool.

Anita is here an working away.  She's going to be coming only once a month now for a while until I can get a grasp on my retirement rhythm.  I might start cooking again. I doubt it, but I might.  Or I might find that my own cooking so sucks that I absolutely need her 2 times a month.  Either way, I am going to take some time to find out.

I'm going back to the outdoor pool again today.  It's cloudy again and even cooler which might mean it's less crowded.  Oh and also the class today is a shallow end class.  Diane said that some people come to the class and hang in the deep end and do their exercises there.  That's what I'm going to do.  The shallow end work bangs my knees.  Plus too much of your body is out in the cold air.  We'll give it a go today and see.  Also I want to see if I can get there and home without wrong turns.  I've got about 20 minutes til time to leave.

Play Ball!!

Aug. 7th, 2012 10:23 am
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I love minor league baseball.  The Tacoma Raniers are the AAA farm team of the Mariners.  Ann and I drove down there last night for a game and it was such fun.  I love the name of their program is The Dirt.  Our seats ($25 each) were 8 rows back between 3rd and home.  You could see the label on the batter's underwear.  They flung towels into the stands between innings and gave away prizes and the food was horrible and expensive and it was just so much fun.  It was the perfect night to go.  Not crowded and cool in our shady seats.

Major league farm teams step up from pony to single A to double A to triple A to the bigs.  Here's where it gets depressing.  Half of last night's team was made up of guys who had played for the Mariners and got demoted.  And the other half stunk.  If the Mariners are going to build their next few years from this crop, we are so totally doomed.  And they played like they could not wait to get home to their Nintendo games.  It was just horrible.  There was a home run or two and a line drive here or there but even those where pretty joyless.

Also it was very easy to see why the coaches and umpires were in the bigs yet either.  The strike zone was somewhere between toes and crotch.  The other team was the Marlins team from New Orleans.  Their third base coach put up the stop sign if any of their guys even thought about getting to 3rd base.  He would not let them run home even when they had so much time, *I* could have made it safely.  Until one inning when he finally waived the guy in and the guy was so stunned he literally stopped first and, of course, was then tagged out.

It was all just pretty funny and really sad.  Especially when you consider that now, after playing all Summer, they should really have this thing nailed.  

Week after next I'm meeting [ profile] seattlejo up in Everett and we're going to an Everett Aquasox game which will be much more fun because they are a Single A team so no pressure plus their mascot is a frog.  Much better than the Raniers Raindeer...
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The guy smart enough to say 'lets get a picture' sent me this tonight. Aren't we a fun loving group???

Rebecca is on the left and behind her is Madeline and then Judith and at the far end is Shan then Paul (it was his camera but we sweet talked a guy at the next table into picture taking) and Veronica and me.  I look like the recreational pharmaceuticals have not kicked in yet but I know they will any minute.

I am so glad he was sharp enough to grab this picture.  
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