Aug. 8th, 2012

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I am not smart enough for unemployment insurance.  I have somehow fucked it all up and I don't know how or how to fix.  So I called the number.  I didn't even try on Monday figuring that was their really busy day.  Yesterday, once you got through the telephone tree and selected the option to talk to someone, please, you got a message saying they were too busy - call back.

Today I called and the option is to hold OR leave your number and they will call me between and an hour and a half and two hours from  the time I called.  I picked that option and I'm trying not to forget and go do something and forget to take my phone.

I already remembered one thing today and my retirement brain could have been maxed out then, I don't know.  I got the new licence tab for the car weeks ago.  Today - a good 3 weeks before the deadline - I actually got it onto the plate on the car! Score!!

Swim class was good except between the time I left home and the time I got there - in spite of predictions to the contrary - the fucking sun came out.  I had no sun screen and only one shirt.  My shoulders stood to be fried.  At least I had a wide brim hat that helped a lot. I managed to keep my shoulders under water until the clouds came back during the last 10 minutes of class.

There are way too many small children and unorganized mothers in the locker room of that pool.  I don't know whether it's the screaming an screeching that is the worst or the annoying conversations the mother have with their children that digs at me the most but the room is small and today I had a hard time even finding room to put my pants on.  ugh.  

Every day when I leave I think 'tomorrow, I'll take the day off' and then, the next morning, I forget and go back. I think tomorrow I'm going to a different pool.  Maybe I'll do that 1:30 class at West Seattle - or take the day off.

After the pool, I got cat food and then found the grilled cheese sandwich food truck and had lunch and then went to Costco and got my $26.00 back for the Paul Newman coffee fail.  

Now I'm home and all is good.

And I just got my callback from a very nice and efficient lady who fixed me all up.  I'll know for sure when I file again on Sunday but she sure sounded like all was cool and it will work fine.  Yeah!  I think I'll empty the dishwasher.
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