Aug. 12th, 2012

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I learned this week that one of my favorite dishes - Croque Madame - is now served for brunch at the Boka. For about year, I had Sunday brunch at the Boka - in the Hotel 1000 - every week. They changed their menu every season and one season, there was nothing I liked so I branched out. Now they are changing the restaurant so that made me look again and I found Croque Madame. The place that used to have the best in town took it off the menu so I'm looking for a new contender.

After brunch it is off to the movies - Hope Springs - with [ profile] machupicchu.

This is all going to involve too much walking in the hot sun. But I'm going to do it anyway. It probably won't kill me and my body is so sore from sitting in cramped positions yesterday for long periods of time filled with stress. It needs to move and I can't do anything about the heat.

So off I go!!
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It's a hot day and ordinarily I'd be all bummed about that but instead, I'm enjoying the cool now that I'm sitting in front of the A/C and reflecting on how nice a day it was.

I had planned to go to Boka and told [ profile] machupicchu I'd be there before meeting him at the movie. What a delight it was, then, to get a text as I walked out the door, that he was there already! I was pretty sure he'd pass. But he didn't and we had a lovely breakfast in spite of the Croque. I'd been dying to try their Croque Madame. It was wrong in about all the ways it could have been but the company was great, the coffee was free flowing and that place is just elegant. Nice.

Then we walked to the movie - Hope Springs - which I liked ok and [ profile] machupicchu liked much better. After the movie we decided to go earring shopping for him. He's thinking about branching out from his hoops. So we headed to Pike Place Market.

We were way laid, happily, by stumbling on a new location for my favorite Cupcake Royale cupcakes only this store is was cupcakes and ice cream. Timing. We stopped and had some perfectly delicious ice cream and then earring shopping and walking around and visiting. We chatted about this and that and it was just lovely.

Then we headed out separate ways home. I was tired and hot but I managed to find some shade going home and I made it. Whew. And now I'm chillin' literally.

I need to take the garbage down to the dumpsters, empty the dishwasher, write up yesterday and today's blog entries (for, but, I think I'm retired and all of that can wait until tomorrow. And I think it will.
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