Aug. 13th, 2012

susandennis: (Default)
I am on my bed, with my laptop surfing the internet and bam... no internet.

Is it my computer?
Is it my router?
If router, then wireless issue or whole router?
Is it Comcast? If Comcast, then modem or pipeline?

I've been dealing with all this shit since Saturday and it's making me crazy. It happened again this morning.

I pick up the phone and fire up speedtest. Plenty of wireless internet there. Reboot computer. No joy. Test phone again. No internet now. Reboot router. Plug computer in. Connection and good speed. Wireless still crappy. Etc. Etc. Etc.

I finally do get everything back going again but now, do I have a persistent issue? Is the router I bought Saturday a lemon?

I don't know a lot about networks but I do feel like I know more than average. How do regular people who just want to facebook deal with this shit? And why is it so hard? ARGH. On the up side, my baby brother is able to make a living off this kind of stuff so I should just be grateful that I actually have wireless internet at the moment.

At least I no longer have job dependencies on it. And have the time to fuck with it. Whew.

I can't decide which pool to go to today. The two likely options are both 15 minutes away, roughly. One has a class at 11:15 and one has open pool (do my own class at noon). I think I may do class today and open tomorrow. At least there will be no network issues in the pool.
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