Aug. 15th, 2012

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It turns out that the info from my former boss, triggered the pivotal point in my head. I really feel out of work now. Took three weeks but now it's here. And every day I lean towards the 'it's a good thing' side of the meter. I'm trying to to rush settling in but for so many years I've been a doer not just a be-er, my just 'be' skills are rough.

Swimming give me a daily rally point. And I've been thinking of other things that might be interesting.

I signed up for a bunch of usability studies yesterday and at a couple of focus group places.

I signed up to help out a community tech center south of here for the United Way's Day of Caring in September.

One close by branch of the library sets up a room once a week for a free English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation group to practice speaking English. It's on Saturday mornings but late enough so I can go after swimming. I think I'm going to go this Saturday and see if I can help out.

That's a start for now.

My new entry level router continues to reinforce the wisdom of my getting a better one. Said better one will be here Friday.

We're entering some days of really really hot weather. Hopefully, things will cool down soon. Until they do, you can find me in front of the air conditioner hoping it lasts or in the car with the cold blowing on me. You won't find me outside at all.
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I live across the street from the NFL Seahawks/MLS Sounders stadium and down the street from the Mariners stadium. The fall is always tight but this year, the Seahawks and Sounders are sharing their stadium with the University of Washington football team.

I never go to any of the games but keeping track of the schedule is kind of important if you want to leave or come home... hit it just right and you are totally fucked.

Today I made a list. Some team is playing in my neighborhood on the following dates at the following times:

8/30 at 7
09/1 at 7:30
9/1 at 1
9/2 at 1
9/3 at 1
9/4 at 7
9/5 at 7
9/8 at 1
9/8 at 6
9/9 at 1
9/15 at 1
9/16 at 1
9/17 at 7
9/18 at 7
9/19 at 7
9/21 at 7
9/22 at TBD
9/22 at 7:30
9/23 at 1
9/24 at 5:30
09/27 at 6
10/1 at 7
10/2 at 7
10/3 at 3
10/7 at 6
10/13 at TBD
10/14 at 1
10/17 at 7
10/24 at 7
10/27 TBD
11/4 at 1
11/10 TBA
11/11 at 1
12/9 at 1:30
12/23 at 1:30
12/30 at 1:30
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