Aug. 16th, 2012


Aug. 16th, 2012 09:29 am
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I'm not quite sure why I can't get all in a tizzy about the Mariner's perfect game yesterday. It was fun and a little thrilling right there at the end but, honestly, I've seen more much thrilling and exciting baseball. At least we won a game. And the Mariners got some much needed positive national publicity. And there was a fair amount of post game frenzy in the 'hood after. It was fun. It was.

I did spend some time yesterday getting my resume tweaked - all versions, web, word, txt and pdf. Done. I got a letter that I have to go to a job hunting seminar on Monday in order to continue getting unemployment benefits. The instructions said to bring your resume so I got 'er done.

For my first real job hunt, back in the 70's, my Dad gave me a beautiful gift. It's a very classy looking case to hold papers. It does not hold many but is perfect for toting your resume, a few work samples, some reference letters and it says 'I am way too cool for you not to hire me.' I've taken it on every single job interview for the last 40 years. Yesterday I pulled it out, cleaned it out and put my latest resume and cards in it, ready to go.


This morning I found some more focus group data bases to add me into and some paid survey outfits.

It is way too hot to do anything more. Today and tomorrow are going to be too hot to do anything. Fortunately, I don't have anything that has to be done. I might not even go to the pool. I don't have to decide right now and I do love that.

I do think I'll take a cool shower right now.
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I just finished making pre-paid reservations for a quick trip to Vancouver September 12-13. My first ever BFF and at least one friend from high school (and maybe more) are going to be there for a couple of days before they go up to spend a week at Whistler. They arrive on Wednesday afternoon.

I'm taking the Bolt bus up and will get there just after they do. Then I'll take the Bolt bus back home the next evening. Bolt bus has free wifi and cost me $20 round trip. Reviews of the ride says there are better and there are worse ways to get there but for that price, I'm willing to gamble. Plus the schedule is way better than the train for me for this trip.

The Bolt bus leaves from just across the parking lot from here so it's quite handy.

Should be a fun little adventure. And if it's not, it will be quick. And I can do it with a small backpack. My kind of trip.
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So two recent InReaLife conversations have now irritated my moral compass about recycling to the point of my giving it an honest go. Seattle is full of people who would rather molest small children than not recycle. (For the record harming animals is also below not recycling but above molesting small children but that's another rant entirely.)

I was there at the birth of Earth Day and learned how to recycle then. You bundle your newspapers up and take them to the recycle center. When they started picking up the bundles like the pick up garbage, that was heaven.

And when I discontinued newspaper delivery, my recycling stopped as well. In Seattle, it's just too complicated. When you go to dump your trash in a Seattle McDonald's there are about 12 bins - they cover everything from paper cups to bellybutton lint. My eyes glaze over.

Every day the rules change and get more complicated. So I ignore them all. I pretty much put everything into an opaque plastic bag and toss it in the dumpster.

Yep, I have a recycling scafflaw. BUT, I'm turning over my composted leaf.

I ordered a little bin for the kitchen counter. I reorganized my garbage/trash. I'll put kitchen waste into the bin. I'll put real garbage in the bag under the sink. I'll put recycleable trash in the basket.

I printed out the City of Seattle flyer that says what goes in what. I already researched my big offender - litter. It goes into garbage.

I am going to try try try not to cheat.
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I did not go outside today. I went down to the garage once but otherwise, I've been in this condo with the air conditioning on. Today all day on the news they kept saying that people with respiratory issues should be careful and stay cool or avoid the outside or some other stuff depending on the channel.

Initially, I blew it off, but after hearing it a dozen times, I finally called the 24 hour nurse line of my health insurance. I explained my breathing issues, my medications and the fact that generally, I'm always fine. And asked about how careful I really need to be.

She said that if it were her she'd stay inside tomorrow, too. She pretty much scared the crap out of me. The problem is that while I better than fine most of the time, it would not take much to upset that apple cart and once something gets hinky, fixing it is a battle - like that little cough I got last October that took months to fix and cost me a pretty penny.

She said that if I needed to go somewhere to get out before 9 and back by 10. Okdokey. We talked about Saturday and Sunday and unless the forecast changes considerably the problem should go away by then.

I guess I'm glad I called.
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