Aug. 17th, 2012

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Aug. 17th, 2012 10:58 am
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I honestly don't think it is as hot as yesterday or will be as hot as predicted today and my best website says it will be "much cooler" tomorrow. I think I'll give hibernation one more day and then bust out. Besides, I can't miss Saturday swim class.

I'm waiting for UPS to bring the new router. I'd like to get that in place and working on all cylinders today. The el cheapo is still working mostly but I'm ready to get on sturdy ground.

I stripped the bed and am washing it all now - even the mattress cover. I have one of those 2" foam toppers on the mattress so I switched it around and upside down. Soon as the dryer is done, I'll have a nice, fresh bed.

Last night I got a bee in my bonnet about the recycling deal. I need three piles - waste, garbage and recycle. I carved the edges off my under the sink bin so now I can fit two under there. Score! So with that and my top of counter waste bucket, I'm set.

And I'm cleaning out my lists. I'm trimming the fat off my Google Plus feeds and my Google Reader feeds and I've removed some folks who's journals I just couldn't 'get' off my LJ friends list.

Cleaning, organizing, straightening... that's pretty much the retirement me so far.
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[ profile] machupicchu  reminded me, once again, of times gone by when he was astounded to hear me describe grocery store giveaways. I honestly don't think he even really believed me.

Grocery store rewards cards are the children and grandchildren of plates and forks and stamps. There were not a lot of big chains. The Piggly Wiggly and the Food Marts of the day were one, maybe two stores or a handful in the region. They rewarded customers with dishes and silverware.

They had whole sets of dishes and silverware laid out and labeled with miraculously low prices plus you could only buy them as rewards. If you bought $x of groceries then you could buy a plate or a cup at that low low price. If you shopped there every week for a year you could get the whole set. It was what every housewife wanted according to the sign and the ads.


But the big chains - the A&Ps and Winn Dixies gave away S&H Green Stamps. You paid your money and then the cashier got your change from the drawer, your receipt from one machine and your green stamps from another and off you went.

At our house they were obsessively collected and turned into a paying chore. We had chores (make your bed, clean your room) and we had paying chores (sweep the porch, glue in green stamps). I hated the green stamps even for money. They tasted horrible (and I never thought to do the sponge deal). Plus my Mom was anal about their having to be placed in the book perfectly.

"Do you want those people at the green stamp store to know we are not smart enough to follow the lines??"

Yes, there was a green stamp store. You paid in books of green stamps. We bought our blender there.

I'm sure the internet is full of proof that all this happened. I plugged "S&H Green Stamps" into Google images and found tons of images.

Oh and one brand of detergent came with a towel in the box! A bath towel! My sister pulled it out in the middle of the kitchen one time and got in big trouble for getting detergent all over the floor.

I love that I was there and saw it all and I love that I am not now.
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So finally I got the COBRA info today. It was an 8 page letter written in a style guaranteed to obscure any needed information. It noted in several places that as of 7/31/2012 I have no health insurance coverage.

I freaked out a little bit. Well, that's not true. I went nuts! I called the administrator who sent the letter and left a rather incoherent, freaked out voice mail message.

Then I read the thing over and over again and did some research while I waited. The dental coverage is $55 a month. I have no intention of going to the dentist but I looked up the benefits any way and while they, too do not seem keen on your really understanding their offerings, I was able to figure out that $1500 was the max coverage. Fuck that. Vision insurance is $9 a month and I sure don't need that.

So my COBRA payment is going to be $368.78 a month.

I called the administrator back and this time got a person who was just one of the nicest, kindest people I've ever dealt with. She said they were a tiny operation and for the next 18 months, she's there for any and all questions I have. She checked right then and found that 1. I'm still covered, no problem. 2. There is already a note attached to my file that my boss will make the 8/1 and 9/1 payments. 3. So my first payment isn't til October.

She's perfectly fine with my setting up autopay from my bank.

I knew I was worried but until I talked to her and knew that everything was fine AND I have a wonderful resource at my beck and call for the next 18 months, I honestly had no idea how worried I was. The relief is enormous.
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1. I got a comment tonight from someone kind of apologizing saying I was posting more entries than she could read.

I write this journal for me. If I want to write 10 entries a day, I will. I do not require, expect, need or want anyone to read every entry or even any entries. I'm delighted to have readers but if I wrote for an internet audience, this journal would have very different content.

I don't read the journal of everyone on my friends list either. Most, I do, but some I don't - for various reasons. I read what I want and I expect anyone reading this does the same.

That said, I'm as big a comment whore as the next incredibly intelligent and inwardly beautiful journal writer so if you've got stuff to say, there's a comment box just below that was built for you.

2. I finally - after waiting all day - got the new router - the refurbished one from Cisco. It is a step up the Linksys chain from the el chepo (it was an e1200). The EA3500 is a rocket next to soap box on wheels that was the other one.

And the internet radio in the bedroom is supremely happy as am I. Whew and yeah!
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