Aug. 21st, 2012

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Yesterday, I had to attend a mandatory session for unemployment insurance. My expectations were low but I had already decided that it was not going to kill me and patience on my part would make it good for everybody.

It turned out to be not only not painful but interesting and well done. The recruiter who led the session was seasoned without being too jaded and was most respectful of the people there, his subject and his own employer. He was a good example and provided good info. In spite of myself, I learned some cool stuff! It was a nice score.

Then I went on to Everett.  [ profile] seattlejo recently moved there and I wanted to see her and see their minor league baseball team play.  I got to do both and both were fabulous.  Plus Everett is a cute cute cute little town!  Her apartment is downtown and adorable with a delicious view.  We walked 3 blocks and had dinner at a very cool restaurant which was also deicious and neat and more than reasonably priced.

I had not been to the stadium in more than a decade and had no idea about which seats were best but single A baseball is generally cheap so I ordered up two Best Seats in House.  I had not studied the tickets so I was more than a little surpised when we found ourselves on the  aisle of the front row just to the right of home plate.

I've never sat that close to a baseball game in my life. The picture above was snapped while I was sitting in my seat.  Seriously, had we been any closer, team uniforms would have been required. It was wild.  And very fun.

Plus, on my way home I listened to the Mariner game and heard them go from a tie to a win.  Nice. Nice.


This morning I started the cataract removal ball rolling with a note to my doctor telling her I wanted to get it done this year.  I'm hoping we can go right to the measuring appointment, 3 weeks of eye drops and then do the deed.  There is sure a lot less stress having gone throught the whole process once already.

Then I'm going to start applying for jobs.  I'm not sure I really want one but I can't, in good conscience, take the unemployment insurance money without making good on my promise to make 3 job contacts a week.  So I need to get that rolling - I'm already behind.  I have a plan.


HOLY crap!  I just got an email from my Doctor's office offering me up 6 surgery dates to pick from.  I picked 9/25.  Very cool.  I love the internets so much.


There aren't any swim classes I'm interested in today so I'm going to go at noon and do my own thing.  I still have two more weeks before my own pool opens back up.  I'll be so happy to get back there.

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Today I applied to Starbucks and to F5.  My seminar counts as the 3rd job thing for the week.  Done.  

I'm all over this recycling thing.  I have all the tools now - the correct bins, etc.  And it's working out pretty well.  I have FAR less actual garbage than I ever imagined.  I'm not that wild about having compost around but I think I got this little pot with a nice lid and the correct kind of bags and I think when it stinks I'll just pop it into the freezer if it's not full enough to take to the big can downstairs.   Tonight I found an email address where you can write in and ask how to dispose of particular things.  I wrote about 2.  k-cups and tissues.  My poster says that papertowels go into the food waste and so do coffee grounds.  I'm sure k-cups do not but I thought as long as I had the klenex question, I'd ask.  

Last night I could not find the little pouch I keep in my purse that has the portable battery charger for the phone. I figured out that I must have dropped it in the car.  So this morning I got out the flashlight and move the seats up and back and looked everywhere and found:

1.  the pouch.
2.  a comb that I thought I'd left at the pool.
3.  a tube of body wash that i thought I'd left at the pool.
4.  2 quarters, 3 nickels and a dime
5.  a pair of sunglasses
6.  the manual for my car radio which I had never ever seen before!

Perhaps I should do that flashlight search trick more often.  You wouldn't think such a small car could hide so many things!

And speaking of which I need to call about it's annual checkup.  I think I'll just do that tomorrow.

I had a nice swim today - it was a bit crowded but not too bad.  Tomorrow is a good class at 11.  I remembered today that I'll have to sit out of the pool for 3 weeks again after my eye surgery.  Last time it seemed overwhelming to stay out that long but it turned out to be fine.  Plus I still have my super duper goggles so I can cheat after the first week if I want.  I also checked with Ann, my neighbor and medical driver, and she's reserved the date.  I am very lucky that she is so willing to help!

I'm afraid to watch toight's baseball game.  The Mariners have been on a bit of a winning streak.  The guy who pitched the perfect game last week is pitching tonight.  Expectations are severely high. I'm afraid.  But, I'll watch anyway.
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