Aug. 23rd, 2012

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I have had jobs where every single minute of my day(and often night) was taken and scheduled by someone else.  I had an assistant once (and, thankfullly, briefly) who used to be very annoyed when I went to the bathroom at a time she had not appropriated for that on the schedule.  At a different job, I had an assistant who used to add notes to my calendar about when I might do laundry and the numbers of take out places when I did not have a work dinner scheduled.

I had a boss once who said that if you wanted something done now and right give it to the busiest person you know... he would say this while piling on the latest 'there's something I need you to do...'.

Since I was 5, I had a weekday/weekend life - with specific activities that drew a clear distinction between the two.  Until now.

I follow the blog of an octogenarian who, last year when they cancelled her favorite soap opera, bemoaned 'now I will never know when it's the weekend!'

My neighbor, Ann, retired about 4 years ago.  When I told her I was going to try it she said to never schedule more than one thing a day - spread it out and write it down.  

I have always prided myself (and received high marks in evaluations for jobs were it was a BFD) on calendar intregrity.  A million things can affect arrival time so I build in extra to ensure I am where I agreed to be at the time I agreed to be there.

Now, I have all the time in the world and, honestly, it feels a little like a flood in the desert.  I am consumed with what's happening when.  I'm stressed to the nines that I will forget a commitment.  I'm living in Google Calendar and hating its limitations.

That old boss would never ever give me his important stuff now... I am the non-busiest person ever and I think being non-busy is way more difficult to manage than being two busy.  I don't think it's a grass is greener thing.  I like having all the time to do what I want, I just am kind of floundering about how to manage it.

Today Amira is cleaning and I have my eye appointment at 3 and probably I will go to the pool about noon.  And I think that's all maybe.

Eye Spy

Aug. 23rd, 2012 04:36 pm
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Getting the cataract out of the first eye is a big tado.  Lots of appointments, lots of instructions, lots of checking and double checking.

Getting the cataract out of the second eye is nearly a nothing burger.

I went in today and didn't even see the doctor.  Her assistant did everything - eye measuring etc.  Slam bam, thank you ma'm.  Next stop, the knife on 9/25.  Pretty cool, actually.

There are three different eye drops you have to take before and after.  2 of them cost $70 each.  Today she gave me a free sample for one of the $70 ones - score!!!  On the down side, I just did the math and even with my deductible all paid up for the year, this is going to cost me $800.  20% of the doctor bill, the surgery bill and the anesthesiologist bill.  

Oh well, it's my last eye, rigtht?  I guess I'm glad I only have two!

They are going to put a near field lens in this one - the other has the far field.  So, except for teeny weeny stuff, I should be able to read whatever I want with no glasses at all.  For-ev-er!!! Yahooooo!!!


I got an email response to my what goes where questions  from the city's ask us email.  Both used tissues and k-cups go into garbage - not recycling and not food/yard waste.  Glad I asked, I sure would have guessed wrong on the tissues.  


No ballgame tonight.  Time for TiVo catchup.  My summer shows - Suits, Burn Notice, White Collar, and that one with the two cops that I can never remember the name of - are all coming to a close. I have about 3 or 4 of each yet to watch and time, I think, before the new season of shows on the old timey channels starts.  I do like the new show Major Crimes. I think it's going to work our just fine as a Closer replacement.   


Steak and french fries for dinner tonight, I think, with a little salad.
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