Aug. 24th, 2012

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IMAG0504.jpgAn orange Smart car came in and on the side of it was - my east coast brain when to New York but the I remembered that Oswego is a tony section near Portland. I fired up the browser and plugged in the address to hit a link farm.  So I googled and hit several entries that referenced a gray market Smart car dealer that had been arrested in 2009.  

Turns out, the one that drove up was a modified European one that had a funny ignition sequence that the owners had to show the dealer guy how to do.  Wild and interesting.

I also learned that the dealership is building all new digs next to their south Seattle location and will move the whole operation out there next year.

The new location is just under 2 miles from my house.  Very walkable!  Wonder if it will be ready when it's time for my next annual visit?


The eye doctor just called.  Turns out that apparently she was not involved in the whole decision/scheduling of the surgery to remove the second cataract and she's not a big fan of the idea either.  I actually think she's maybe more concerned that my eye is not bad enough yet to warrant the surgery.  And she's not sure what kind of lens to put in.  I think I can convince her to do the surgery if we can get on the same page about the lens.  

She suggested that I try wearing a contact lens in the eye to simulate the scenario we are discussing.  It won't help the cataract but it will show me what the world will look like once the cataract fog is gone.  Sounds totally reasonable to me.  She's mailing the lens to me next week.

I think I really like that she's paying such close attention.  But I also really want this thing out.  Sooner than later.  And certainly sooner than when my deductable runs out.  I'd rather pay $800 than $1,300.  


After lunch, I'm off to a movie.  There's a theater a bus ride away that is showing 3 different movies I want to see.  Old Goats is playting at 2:30 and then at 3 is Moonrise Kingdom and Why Stop Now - either one of which would be fine by me.  So if I get there in time I'll see Old Goats and if not, I'll flip a coin.

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