Aug. 25th, 2012

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That's the rest of my day.  I have one big closet that has gotten out of hand.  It's not a clothes closet, it's a stuff closet.  I need to pull everything out and do the toss, donate, save routine and then put the saves back in an orderly fashion.  

There is a movie that I want to see at 3 pm - it's a bus ride so it's leaving here about 2:15 and then getting home about 5:30ish.  And the only other time I can see it is tomorrow.  (Unless it's back next weekend which is a possible but their calendar only goes out to Thursday.)

The baseball game is at 4.  I'm going to have to miss tomorrow's game.  

And then there is the option of kicking back, feet up, bear knitting while cleaning up my TiVos.

Honestly, I think that last option is going to win.

This morning's swim class was good.  Then I stayed in the pool for another 30 minutes just doing extra stuff in between bouts of floating.  It was so luxurious - I had the deep end all to myself and nowhere I had to be.

Then it was off to get my haircut.  At Rudy's Barbershop, you can call 30 mins before you get there to 'get in line' or just show up.  I rarely call ahead and didn't today.  I had my book and didn't mind waiting.  I had about a 30 minute wait and it was comfortably cool, nice place to sit, nice music, good book.  I got a new cutter I told her to do what she wanted - just make it look intentional.   She did what she called her best Jamie Lee Curtis.  This cutter was about 25 and as lean and cute as I am old an fat.  I thought it was very impressive that she went to the old lady group to pick a style and picked me most rockin' one there.  She got a fat tip.

Then home - although that was not as easy as it sounds. They are working on every single fucking intersection in this town this weekend and they have them all closed.  Every time I turned to head for the road home, I hit another barrier.  Finally, I got side tracked into a totally unfamiliar neighborhood and my phone's GPS crapped out on me. I swear Sprint is going to get replaced if they don't fix that fucking network.

But, finally I managed to get here, get the kitchen cleaned up and the dishwasher run.  Pick up some other stuff and put it away, swapped out the keyboard on the desktop computer, worked on my budget and now I'm catching up my journal.  

Ok, it's leave now or not.  Not just won.  
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Well, not me but my closet cleaning out project...  I've pulled out and sorted through about 3/4ths of the stuff.

1.  I do not need any more plastic shoe boxes, small plastic bins, smaller plastic bins, plastic boxes.  Actually, if I could supply a Storables store with plenty of inventory.  

2.  Years ago Sears had some house slippers on sale. I bought a pair. I loved them so much that I went back the next day and bought some more.  The next year they were still in inventory at that same great price. I bought more.  Turns out one pair lasts about 1.5 winters.  I found 3 pairs still their original packaging and about 4 more opened with lots of life left in them.  I do not need any more slippers.

3.  I do not need any more pillows.

4.  In 2003 I was a vendor working onsite at Microsoft.  I shared an office with a woman and we both liked mayo on our hamburgers.  Microsoft never had mayo for hamburgers in our building's cafeteria.  I went to a restaurant supply place and spent $6 for the smallest carton of mayo packets they had.  Today I tossed out the ones left - probably 100+.

My bedroom is a mess but the bed is cleared off.  I might not get back to the project until Monday but it won't be any longer than that. I hate having the mess.  Plus, who knows what other treasure I'll find??!!
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