Aug. 26th, 2012

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My boss told me several times not to worry, there would not be a gap in my insurance coverage.  He'd pay the first two months and it would all be seemless.  The COBRA aministrator said reiterated the same thing.  I asked both about this more than once and more than once I was assured there would not e a problem and I should not worry. 

Today I go to pick up eye drops I will need for my cataract surgery. And I'm told I have no insurance.  I log onto my insurance site and look under benefits and it says "No coverage available at this time."  Oh how unhappy am I.  Pissed is really more like it.

I am pretty sure the COBRA coverage is due me by law. I have paperwork that says I do not owe anything until October 1.  I am hoping this is just a minor snafu that will be fixed easily and quickly.  At least I sure hope so.  At least I have an email address for the COBRA administrator so I sent her a note and copied by boss.  At a minimum, I think they need to quit promising this seamless shit. There's a giant seam and it's got a big rip in it.  I am also very glad that my surgery is a month away instead of sometime sooner.  


But before that bit of depressing drama, the day was fun.  I pickked up  [ profile] machupicchu and we had breakfast and then we went over to the zoo for a special guided tour.  He found this Real Close Summer Tour a while back and we bought tickets which he thought were reasonably priced and I thought were way too expensive.  It turned out to be a neat fun adventure.  The weather was just perfect - our zoo has lots of shade anyway - and the tour guide was nice and easy to listen to and very interesting.  The only downside was that it was billed as 90 minutes but was actually only a little over an hour.  It could have covered so much more of the zoo than it did but it was fun.  Especially fun to see the behind the sceens stuff like the animal pantry.

Then we went and got frozen custard.  YUM.  Then Matthew went home and I went to the drugstore to pick up my drugs... and found out about THE problem.


On the bright side, it appears the baseball game was delayed and shortly after I got home and turned it on, the Mariners took the lead.  They are playing in the rain right now in the 6th.  There is real hope.


And, I just got copied on a note from my boss to his insurance guy tellng insurance guy to get on my issue right away, please and restating that I am on fully paid for COBRA and should have NO interuption of service.  Whew.  That does make me feel a little better and sweet of him to check and reply on a Sunday.
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