Aug. 27th, 2012

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I spent my first hours today job applying.  The new job finding arena is kind of amusing (amusing since finding a job is not critical to me).  Some companies have lavish hiring web pages - come be a part of our team!!!  And then have the world's crappiest application interfaces.  Others have it figured out totally - clear information, coherent forms, solid uploading capabilities and no advertised openings or very few.  Actually now that I spell it out, it makes total sense.  I still need to find one more job to apply for this week.  I have time.

Then I got up and got after The Closet Project.  I had to interrupt myself to go to the pool.  Traffic was horrific going, and coming home. In the middle of the fucking day.  Rush hours today must have been and will be nightmares.

But, class was good.  This is my final week as a refugee at other pools.  Next Monday the pools are all closed for Labor Day and my pool reopens on Tuesday!!

Today it was back home and back to the closet.  I'm getting close to getting done but oh my aching back so I declared break time.  I have a rather giant pile of Goodwill and a substantial pile of Throw Away. And the thing that started this whole project - that skein of yarn I was sure I had but cannot find.... still missing.  Oh well. I did find a bunch o' other interesting things and I am way more organized.

Ooops... forgot to post so I'll just add more.

Closet project est fine!!  yeah!  When my hands and arms hit something or scrap over something they get disgusting blood bruises.  They do not hurt at all but they look magotty.  I got one good one on my left arm and a nice set above the elbow on my right.  It coul have been way worse.  Soon it will be long sleeve time and I can quit worrying about it until next Summer.

The insurance appears to be sorted.  The final note today was from the COBRA administrator who said that I should call the insurance company on Friday and ask to verify an it should be back together by then.  It would have been so much more smooth had everyone told me up front that there will be a few weeks where my coverage is not available but it will be retroactivated so the only issue will probably be one of annoyance.  This wholesale no gap/seamless shit was not only wrong but mean.  

At least I was able to get answers by email quickly and I feel very comfortable that any other issues or problems will be as easily solved.
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