Aug. 29th, 2012

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I got a letter today from my insurance company telling me I was off their books and telling me to consider COBRA. Duh. Thanks and I admire your timing.

I hiked (figuratively) up to the Meadowbrook pool today for class. The traffic was not nearly as bad as it was on Monday. And the class was great. Its the last one with this teacher. Friday there will be a different teacher and next week the class time moves to 1:30 which is too late, traffic wize. Plus my own pool - 2 miles away will be open. I was glad I went.

I met [ profile] machupicchu for a movie last night. It was at my favorite theater which is now my real favorite because turns out their night shows have a senior ticket price of $6! Love that.

We saw Celeste and Jesse Forever which I really liked a lot.

Otherwise my mind is kind of mush today and I'm not sure why. I don't think it's fatal and, fortunately, it does not matter - another perk of retirement!

Baseball at 5 - bear to knit.
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