Sep. 1st, 2012

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The Mariners - with their ace pitcher - are playing an afternoon game in the stadium two blocks away. The University of Washington will be playing their first home game in the stadium across the street tonight.

So... me and the car did our stuff this morning and got our butts home and safely into the garage. If I need to go out again, it will be on foot only.

Swimming was good. The new season of classes start Tuesday but the instructor said that the Saturday class will remain just the same - same time/same teacher - as we have now. I was kind of hoping that we'd get the other teacher - Kelsey - back. She went to the outdoor pool for the Summer. No biggie. This instructor - Maria - is nearly as good.

After class I ran errands - totally successfully.

And now I'm home. We're going into the second inning and the Mariners are already losing. Sigh.

I think I'll put away some stuff, go get the mail and then come back and knit and watch the rest of the innings.
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The promised contact lens was in today's mail. She actually sent 10 - they are daily lenses. I popped one in.

Cataract doctor is trying to determine what kind of lens to implant when she takes out my cataract. The options on the table are to put in the same lens as she did the other eye. This option would leave me with great far vision and really crappy near vision. I'm not at all in favor of that option.

This new lens is not bad. It does not seem to decrement my far vision and I can see to make this entry without readers.

Next up, I need to try it outside, driving, at night, in a movie theater, in the pool, reading in bed, playing computer games in bed, etc.

Happily, I can knit with my eyes closed so I really don't need special vision for that.

This will be an interesting test.
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