Sep. 2nd, 2012

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[ profile] machupicchu discovered a treat at the end of the Seattle to Bremerton ferry run. The ferry dock is a nice walk from here and I love a ferry boat ride. So... I think tomorrow's treat will be a boat to The Blackberry Festival!

But, today is a brunch day and I was thinking I'd head over to West Seattle. 2 or 3 years ago, there was an easy ramp at the end of 1st Avenue to get to the bridge to get to West Seattle. Then they tore down the ramp to build a new one. It took for freakin' ever and there was literally no good way to get from here to there. They finally finished the sucker and it opened on Friday so I was going to give it a whirl... but I think that can wait.

Last night on the evening news there was story about a new law for small businesses and they got a sound bite from a woman at a restaurant that I've been meaning to try. They have brunch so today I'm heading over to Plum Bistro.

The minute I got up this morning - after I peed, I put in the contact lens. It's passed all tests so far. I would be using my readers to type this entry but not now. I still have lots of other little tests - the pool and stores with florescent lights and walking down the street when the sun is very bright... etc. Heck, the blueberry festival will be a fine test! There's time.

But, now, I think I'll get my ass out of be and dressed.
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I just put the air conditioner away for the winter. It's supposed to get warmer next week but as long as the lows stay under 60 - and the next 10 days have them all under 60 - I can get along with just the floor fan in the living room and the ceiling fan in the bedroom.

Normally I would leave it up about another month. This is, actually, the earliest date on record - well, since 2002 when I started keeping records - I've ever put it away. In 2005, it went into the storage closet on 9/4. The last two years it's been 10/6.

I may regret short circuiting the schedule, but I doubt it. I've drained all the water out and put away the hose and the pet door (I use it for venting). I've wiped it down, taken the batteries out of the remote and the filters are getting a wash in the dishwasher. When they come out, I'll slip 'em back in and push it all into the storage closet until next Summer.

Good job again this year, Mr. A/C. I do totally love you. Rest up. I think you can handle another year.
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My lungs do not have the capacity to do dusty things. I need to remember to wear a mask or wait until after a rain or somehow figure out how to do stuff that is dusty and still be able to breathe afterward.

The tricky part is remembering. It sneaks up on me. I dismantled the A/C bits and then took a can of air to blow it out and then took a tooth brush to the filters before putting them in the dishwasher. After I was done I had a huge sneezing nose blowing fit.

Then after the filters got clean (thank you, dishwasher), I put them back in and wrestled the unit into its place in the closet and then rearranged some stuff on top of the closet (where the dust layer is about 3 inches thick) so that the 5" hose can rest up there without kinking.

I washed up and sat down and had a coughing until I can't breathe fit. I really did enjoy those cigarettes but, man the price is steep.

I think maybe I'll get Amira and her daughter to help me set up the A/C next spring - at least get all the bits into the living room and I think I might wait until a nice, rainy day.

On the upside, an hour of no exertion and lots of water and a hit off the rescue inhaler and I think I'm fixed. I can take a deep breath without coughing and there is no wheezing. I'm pretty sure I'll live.
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