Sep. 3rd, 2012


Sep. 3rd, 2012 09:07 am
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I could not find my contact last night. I kept poking my eye and figured it fell out. Nope. Found it this morning. Oh well.

My lungs are still kind of pissed about yesterday. I think I'll take the rescue inhaler with me. I slept fine so I think it's not a biggie.

I'm off to the ferry to the black/blue/whateercolor festival at the ferry's end at Bremerton.

It's very jarring to me to have the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. When I lived there from about 1979-86 it was the largest city in North Carolina and still a small berg. Not nearly big enough for a national political party convention.

The day I moved was the day of the Challenger crash. I remember I had a tiny portable TV on the floor in the living room watching while the moving men took my stuff to the truck. They had the door open and it was freezing. And boom. There on the screen, the rocket blew.

My condo was in the city center - now they call it uptown. They have created a 100 block security zone around the convention center and my condo is in that zone. Of course, when I lived there, there was no convention center.
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The excursion over to Bremerton and back was perfect. I don't feel great today and it was just the amount of walking and doing that I wanted to do. The Festival was a fun small thing that was interesting to walk through. The music was good. The sun was way too bright and hot so I did not linger outside too long.

I did remember to bring my binoculars which were fun to have on the ferry. But I was enormously distracted by the book I'm reading.

I'm not listening to this one but reading it on my tablet and it is OMG hilarious. Where'd You Go Bernadette skewers Seattle and the Microsoft culture. The Microsoft culture stuff is particularly on point and current and hilarious. But the style - lots of emails - just leaves you no stopping place while you are reading it.

But, I'm trying to string it out as long as possible because it's just such fun reading.

Now I'm back home where it's pleasantly cool. The ballgame is on and the Mariners just took the lead. They are playing Boston which is kind of problematic. I want them to win but Boston is so pathetic right now, it seems mean to beat them.

Tomorrow is Chef Anita day and bear delivery day and the first pool class since the pool closed. I can't wait to see my buddies and catch up!
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Travis LOVES the first of the month when those pesky bears clear out of *his* chair.

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