Sep. 14th, 2012


Sep. 14th, 2012 09:15 am
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I was gone for a total of 34 hours. For one of those hours - maybe one and a half (total), I walked. For the rest I sat or slept. But when I got home I was too tired to move.

I went to sleep at 10. I was exhausted. I slept like the dead til 8. Nothing like interrupting the routine, changing countries and being around people to wear me out!

But it was a great trip in a lot of ways. Vancouver is just a cool city and a great city to visit. It's just invigorating to be there. I think it would be exhausting to live there but it's fun to visit.

It was amazing and surreal to see Linda. The last time I saw her would have been June of 1962. The 11 year old Linda was still in there and I remembered her. It was wild. When she and her parents moved from town, my Mom threw her a going away party. And she had a charm bracelet made - with 12 disks - one for each of the party goers. Linda still has the bracelet and brought it!!! There were only first names. There were a couple we couldn't place but it was fun to remember the rest. Because Linda has always lived in the same 300 mile radius, she's even known some or siblings of some all these years.

Her parents were good friends with Sissy parents in the town they moved to. Later, Sissy ended up in my class in boarding school. Sissy and Linda have stayed close friends all these years and I had no clue they even knew each other. So the people Linda didn't know/remember, Sissy did.

Freaky. It's been more than 30 years since I'd had a conversation with someone from high school or earlier.

Sissy and Linda both married men early on to whom they are still married. Neither of them took their husband's names. (I married much later, grabbed my husband's name and got rid of him quickly.)

Their husbands are very nice guys. One medical, one legal. They all still live in North Carolina. And they were all very comfortable to be around. I think if we lived closer, they would be my IRL friends.

It was interesting also that all of us share the same politics. I was concerned about that going in but sure didn't need to be. They share the same worries about the world.

I was surprised that I wanted to go and agreed to go and I am so so so glad I did.

I also now have a great and perfect get away scheme if I ever want to. That hotel - the Residence Marriott on Hanby Street is amazing and perfect. I have always avoided Marriotts for political reasons but this time it was just easier to go with the hotel they picked. And wow. It was just amazing. Such an easy and luxurious place to stay.

And the Bolt bus was painless and cheap. Our driver last night was the coolest. I need to pop over to their website and leave some love for her.

I can easily see making a trip back up there for a couple of days of just scenery change sometime. Especially in winter. I asked the woman at the front desk if they had times when the rates were reduced and she said generally November and January/February. Perfect.

Today I'm thinking I might go see a movie. The Intouchables is still playing here and I want to see it and it's next to a Trader Joes and I need cheese. Sounds like a win to me.
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