Sep. 16th, 2012

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Betty and Travis are keeping an eye on each other from across the room... He's in the fish house.


Outside there is all manner of mayhem as the Seahawkers gather for the game that starts in an hour. When I left for brunch about 9ish, they were already filling the neighborhood. When I got back about 11 it was actually rather tricky to get to my garage door. But I made it.

The building they are building across the street is causing the crowds confusion and adding a bit more congestion to the whole game day. But, hey, they don't play at home but a handful of times a season and it's fun to be in the middle of it all. Well, 4 floors up but still I can hear it and watch a good bit of it. And shut the door when I don't want to hear it at all. The perfect spot if you ask me.

I am at a loss without my Discover card. For some reason I hate using my debit card and I forget about it half the time. Which is ridiculous. The only reason I use my Discover card is for the cash back. Not using it for a week will cost me probably .75 or less. It's not like I use it for the credit. I pay the balance to 0 whenever it gets to $100. I am just such a creature of habit.

Ooops the band just got too loud... The cats remembered something important they had to tend to at the back of the house.

The Mariners are playing in Texas and unlike Seattle, Texas has rain so the field there is covered wit a tarp right now. I'll clean up some TiVo in the meantime.
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I just compared the price of All the Best Cat Litter and discovered to my great surprise that it is cheaper in smaller bags (8 lb) at Mud Bay or Safeway than in larger bags (17 and 14) at Amazon and Petco. Now that's just whacko. And lovely since I'd much rather get it in smaller bags and much rather get it at Safeway or Mud Bay.

I do love the stuff. Thanks, [ profile] catmomma for the introduction.
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