Sep. 17th, 2012


Sep. 17th, 2012 01:44 pm
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Today is chore day - at least so far and for the next 45 mins. Then it will be Pool Time!

My bedroom closets have curtains instead of doors. They each have a shear with an underskirt. And, particularly the bottoms, are filthy. The light in the bedroom is not great at its brightest so I've been able to ignore the dinge but finally last night I could ignore it no longer so they are in the washer for the first time ever.

My hope is that this afternoon will not be ironing day.

I rarely buy music but even so - or maybe because - my little music collection is a sad sack of a mess. Half of it is Track xx by unknown artist on unknown album. Finally today, I fixed that. All of the unknowns were moved to an external driver. All the partials (songs without an album) went there, too. Then I deleted same from Google and Amazon clouds and now I have music that makes sense. Whew.

And I bought a new album. At the pool, it's easier if I don't have to manage songs.... just select a set and go. So I merged the new music into one 46 minute set and loaded it onto the player. And now it's ready for today's swim.

I got The Coal Porters new release -

Ok now I've screwed around long enough that it's time to swim!!!
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So the undercurtains did need a bit of ironing. One closet has two panels - so 2 sheers and 2 undercurtains. I washed and ironed the first set and put them up and knew instantly I was in trouble...

They looked AMAZING! Now I would have to also do the 3 sets for the closets on the other side of the room. So... today is Closet Day!

The first two panels are cleaned and ironed an back up and wow. I'm ashamed I went so long with their being o filthy! Now they are so bright that getting to sleep might be an issue.

The other three panels are in the wash now.

Swimming was great. Some days, the minute I hit the water I feel like a mermaid. How in the world can I stand being in the air so long?! Usually I do aerobics - strength and cardio - vertically. Today I actually swam some laps. I need to do more of that. When I get back to the pool after my cataract surgery, I think I'm going to make me a little lap program for non-class days.

I tried some new knitting needles. They are square and supposed to ease hand cramps. They arrived on Saturday and I used them for two days and I almost nearly liked them. They were easy to use and felt good. They are more expensive than my previous favorites, and not perfect... So the jury was still out until last night when the new ones just snapped in two. Doh! The previous favorites got promoted back to favorites and the broken set got sent back to the mother ship. I want my $21.49 back.

Nice to get stuff done. I need to find jobs to apply for but I think I can put that off until tomorrow morning.
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