Sep. 20th, 2012

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Amira and her daughter showed up early this morning to clean. I had not even brushed my teeth yet. The up side is that now they are done and gone at about the time that I would be getting stressed because they were so late and were they going to show at all, etc. So all's good and the house is clean.

And while they were here, I put the final touches on my website consolidation. Now all I need to do is swap the domain names. Fortunately, I realized that once I changed the DNS switch on my current one, I would no longer have access to the cpanel or my files. The old IP of the host no longer works. So I sent a note off to the hosting company to get a plan for that one. Once I get that then it's just a matter of two teaks and I'm done.

A bunch of images in old old LJ pages will break and this will be either a giant PIA job or just sad cause there are broken images on the page Probably I'm going with the latter unless I get really inspired and bored on the same day.

[ profile] machupicchuis getting us some show tickets online this morning but if, for whatever reason, that plan fails, I will need to slap on my sandals and hustle my ass uptown to the ticket window. So I'm at the ready just in case.

I ordered one of the wifi Paperwhite Kindles. It won't ship until October 1 so I have time to talk myself out of it and I might. But there are an increasing number of library books that are not available on the Kindle app but need a real Kindle. And the size is so good. I flip flop about it 2 or 3 times a day.


I get these ugly ugly blood blisters on my hands and forearms whenever I bump into something. They do not hurt at all. They just look horrible. I bitched about them to my doctor a while back and he said they were probably caused by the aspirin a day I was taking and the aspirin a day was too valuable to abandon for vanity. At the time I thought he was just making a guess and/or blowing smoke up my skirt but...

Before cataract surgery, you have to stop taking aspirin for 10 days. Last time I didn't even really think about it and didn't really notice it but this time, wow. My arms are nearly normal looking. I have a few of the red uglies healing but I haven't had a new one in days. Maybe that adorable doctor is not just a cute face after all!

I'm guessing that I'll be all healed and ready for short sleeved tops by next week when it turns cold and I have to start taking aspirin again.
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Travis went to kitty heaven this afternoon. He'd been acting a little off but this morning when Amira and her daughter were here they remarked about his weight loss which I had thought was my imagination. The sure sign was when he did not run and hide when the vacuum got turned on.

So I took him to the vet and even by the time I got there he was clearly suffering. The vet was very kind and sweet and thoughtful. She said that it looked like a type of diabetes (she told me what type but that info didn't stick) that attacks the brain and kidneys and other organs. She said that extensive treatment might save him but nothing will bring him back to what he was. It was clear that he needed to go so he did, in my arms.

He was great cat and way fun to have around and I'm glad that he didn't have to be sick forever or even in distress for long. I hope I have someone like that vet when it's my time.

Betty was so relieved when she discovered that it wasn't her getting into the cat carrier. She looked a bit smug. Now she's just waiting for dinner.

And life goes on. I will sure miss that great cat. It's going to be a long cold winter without his snuggling next to me under the covers.
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It's really touching to read how many fans Travis had. Thanks so much for all the supportive comments.

It's been a different evening but a nice one. Betty's here keeping me company. Travis spent the last few days in one particular spot on the terrace. I thought he was hot like me and maybe he was but he anchored that corner. Tonight I looked up to see Betty out there sniffing around. It would be lovely to think she was missing him but, in truth, I think she was just making sure that big bully/lap hog was gone.

What a character he was. Now I no longer need a lid on the knitting basket. I can have plants again. The stuff on the dining room table and kitchen counter will stay there. I have't picked up the remote off the floor in a couple of days. He made good use of his talents and his space.


No extra innings tonight - no innings actually. They had the night off. I got some TiVo cleared out but not much. I'm pretty sure I'll never live long enough to see it all.


Tomorrow is my Day of Caring volunteer day. 10-2 with lunch provided. The tech center where I'll be working is an easy drive from here. I'd love it if it turns out to be a place that needs more long term volunteers and I like the people/place. I know very little about it now so Mind Open.


My CES credentials arrived today. Yeah!!!


Betty and I are off to bed.
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