Sep. 21st, 2012

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Betty slept with me all night long which she had never done before. Travis used to use the litter box and then sprint to the other end of the house. Betty never did. Until this morning. I just saw her fly by. Cats are weird.

Now I need to figure out how to get her paw off my nose when she thinks it's time for me to get up and feed her.

Off now to my one day volunteer job!
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Originally posted by [ profile] machupicchu at Today's POS Email Graphic: For <lj user="SusanDennis">: in honor of the late, great Travis . . .

[Click on the image to be taken to a collection of various lolcat posts using this image. This one is my other favorite.]
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I worked a half day today and I am beat to a pulp. It was the Day of Caring and, for the first time, Microsoft Alum were invited to participate. I picked a technology center down the road a piece. It turned out to be the perfect pick. The place is the headquarters for an operation developed more than a decade ago by a Microsoft retiree to encourage and teach children - particularly girls - of color in the ways of technology.

I've heard about it for years but today I got to play there. One of their programs is Lego robotics and they needed to get their kits back in order for the new school year. So... we sorted out a biscillion lego bits and pieces and built up the kits to be ready. It was pretty hilarious watching 10 adults assess and organize a task of sorting Legos. None of us had ever met before but I have to say we worked well as a team. We got all the kits reassembled and then unpacked the 25 laptops they had just arrived.

My hands and arms which I was so proud of for having no new blood bruises? Well, that's all over. They look like they went through a meat grinder.

I waited all day to hear from the surgery center about my cataract date on Tuesday. I was supposed to get the call today. I know that the doctor wasn't thrilled at my timing and her assistant - with whom I have dealt on all the details - was not in on the not thrilled part so in the back of my mind I was afraid that maybe I was not even on the list.

Finally, about 2:30, I took the bull by the horns and called. They had my stuff and he was able to tell me to be there at 7:30 on Tuesday. Yeah!!!

There was an after party for the Day of Caring at the stadium across the street but, honestly, I'm too pooped to even waddle across the street.

Oh I just got the group shot!


I'm the fourth from the right in the short hair ad Kaboom shirt. Fun group. Nice picture.

Most of the work this tech center does is after school programs and in classroom programs. But, right now they are moving their stuff to a new and bigger location. So everything is in flux. I asked if they needed help and allowed I was not interested in working with the kids and really wanted to do during school work - maybe data entry or computer set up or even Lego sorting. They said great and just drop by when I was ready.

I can't swim for 3 weeks. I guess I'll do some Legos while I'm beached.

Betty was all over me when I got home. I was her new best friend. Until she figured out there was no food going to be served just now and she dropped me like bad meat. Sigh. Travis would be annoying me right now simply because he could. I need to wash and store Travis' fish house. I am sure Betty and I will make room for a new kitty roommate eventually but right now she does NOT need two houses. Sheesh.

Chicken and dressing for dinner. YUM.
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