Sep. 25th, 2012

All done

Sep. 25th, 2012 10:56 am
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IMAG0745.jpgAll done!! My plan was to get up at 6, be at the bus stop at 6:30, get on the bus when it got there at 6:33 and trot up the 2.5 blocks to the Surgery Center.

I had two alarms set which was fortunate since one of them slept in. I got dressed and fed Betty and got to the bus stop about 20 after. The 6:33 bus pulled up seconds after I got there. The rest went as planned.

By 8:45 I was drinking coffee and by 8:50 we were in the car on the way to McDonald's!

This stunning patch stays on til tomorrow morning when I go back to the doctor. Ann has a meeting at 9 so she's going to drop me off on the way (different office than today so bus not as good an option). I can easily walk home since it's downhill.

My eye feels a little like I stayed up all night studying - kind of grainy. But it does not hurt at all. Last time I did not remember any of the surgery. Today I was more awake and could hear everything and see shadows where they were working. It was really fascinating.

I got nothing planned for today. I might take a nap. I might watch TV and knit. No telling. Right now I'm going to make myself another cup of coffee. I'm still catching up.
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I have a secret friend. I've had this friend for while. I think I got this friend from this journal but I don't know for sure. I do know that I get fun, funny postcards from time to time. I got wonderful flowers delivered one day. And today... I got a beautiful cyclmen plant!!!

I could never have had such a beauty before - Travis would have nibbled it down to the dirt and then knocked it off whatever table it was on. He was a great cat but on a mission.

Betty - who secret friend says in the note - is a very cool cat and because the unboxing, setting up, watering and placing of this beauty did not involve serving her lunch in her food bowl, she could have cared less. I know from experience she won't ever even be curious about it.

The plant arrived in amazing shape - Scott the building manager even made a special trip up here to deliver it. It's in a beautiful pot which I set in a little tray of water because cyclmen like a little humidity.

This is just such a wonderful treat. Plus I have another clue - the note was signed 'Kris'.

Dear Kris, You are the best. Thank you so very much for sunshining on my life by being my secret friend!

Oh and the instructions say it wants a window facing east... The only window I got faces east! And it likes a chilly space just like me. We are going to be very happy together for a long long time.

Thank you secret friend.

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I have had enough of this patch.  It was making me dizzy and I couldn't focus at all without covering it with my hand.  FInally I put a dark piece of paper over it and that helped a little.  Of course, since I can't get under it my eye lid, eye brow, eye socket all itch like crazy.  And I still can't see very well.  ARUGH.

Godforbid I ever had anything major done to me.  DNR.

On the other hand, my new plant is just making me smile in between every whine.

Baseball tonight and the 'hood is quiet - a big change from last night.
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Ann came by to check on me.

Me: This eye patch is way more horrible than last time
Ann:  I don't think so - you aren't bitching about it nearly as much as you were last time.

Oh, ok.

12 hours until it's off and hopefully most of those will be sleeping.

Fox's Ben and Kate is absolutely delightful.  Every character is wonderful and so is the script.  The last time I was this enchanted by a comedy pilot was Big Bang Theroy and that did not turn out to be a dud.
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