Sep. 27th, 2012

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There is still red (where incision was?) and there is hinky vision here the red is but...  I can freakin' see... with NO glasses.  I can see small fonts.  I can clearly see everything on my computer.  I love it.  And my distance vision is still fine and dandy.  It's really hard to believe that I will never again have to fuck with glasses or contacts to read stuff.  Yeah!!!


I'm still micro focused on how much money I use to live, spend on shit, need for non-fixed spending every month.  But, it looks like I'm getting a handle on it.  And my super fancy projection spreadsheet is working.  Two months ago, I projected how much money I would have at the end of every month and it looks like September is coming in on target.  This means that I can enjoy the level of random spending that I have now and/or tighten up to save for bigger things and not touch the honey pot.  

I think it's interesting that my mind knows I have plenty of money but my emotions are still solidly in OMG, I am a month away from bag lady!!!  I guess, particularly when you are on your own with no one else to share the stress, you always feel that way. It's a price I'm willing to pay.


I'm meeting my swim buddies for coffee today after class. I'll skip the class, of course, but the coffee meeting will be fun.


My brother is in massive wordpress confusion.  He's got the hardware and network chops that I do not at all but give him a web page and he's hard pressed to find a clue.  It's very funny how dove tailed our individual interests and skills are.  Anyway, some dude set up some wordpress sites for him ad his business and set up a bunch so he could try out various things.  A long time ago.

He ended up updating two of the sites thinking he was working on one.  So he asked me if there was some way they could be merged.  

I know jack shit about wordpress - so this is the perfect little project for me.  And I can do it without glasses!!
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