Sep. 29th, 2012

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Last night I turned off the alarm since I didn't need to get up early to get to the pool.

This morning, I woke enough to check the clock and it was clear the alarm hadn't gone off.  I popped out of bed, thinking I was late.  I had the lights on and my eyepatch ripped off and Betty all excited about breakfast before I remembered no swimming today.  Lights off, Betty disappointed and I took an hour snoozing and snuggling under the blanket and listening to NPR.  

Today is amazingly cool and cloudy.  My plan is to get up after this entry and hit the street.  I'm going to walk up to the Market and get some breakfast and then hit the movie.  This evening, [ profile] machupicchu and I are meeting for dinner in the International District and then taking one of those fun $5 bus tours.  Tonight's tour is advertised as on a 'trackless trolley'.  I think that's a bus but I guess we'll find out for sure tonight.

I am still wallowing in the joy of being able to see and read anything I want.  I was about halfway through Costco yesterday when I realized that I had not had to dig into my purse to find my glasses one single time.  This afternoon, I think I'll round up all the reading glasses sprinkled all over the house (and in my purse) and put them in the Goodwill.



Sep. 29th, 2012 05:01 pm
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Just passed this in the parking lot that is my front yard.

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