Sep. 30th, 2012

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That sounds more like a battle charge than a brunch plan...  But, that was the plan. [ profile] machupicchu allowed as how he was interested so picked him up in a bit and off we went.

Turns out it was Sell Your Shit on the Street day in Ballard.  There was the usual farmer's market.  And, a few blocks away, there was a sustainable energy street fair and in between some old ladies were selling books and records for an old folks home. It was quite the place to be.  We found a Smart Car parking space and we were off...

Bastille was delicious.  It's on the high end of my price range but sooooo worth it.  Matthew thought it was too expensive.  It's still favorite.  I forgot my phone so no pictures and no review.  Oh well.

Then it was on to JoAnn's Fabrics.  My bears need stuffing.  My stuffing stash is depleted.  It was not on sale so I only got four packages but then when we got to the cash register they had a flyer that said the stuffing would be half off next weekend.  So I only bought one and I'll go back on Friday and fill the car.

The it was on to the U District to drop Matthew off for his movie and home for me.  No phone meant no GPS which was really a bit of a challenge but I made it and saw some interesting new stuff along the way.  Now I'm home and Betty is happy about that.


I am getting a cold or something.  And while I don't feel horrible, I am anxious.  That not-so-nice lung doctor was emphatically clear that  a cold or the flu could easily put me in the hospital hooked up to oxygen and at the first sign I was to start taking prednizone and call him or my regular doctor right away or if it was on a weekend go to the ER.

I just took the prednizone but I am not going to the ER.  I don't have anything I have to do or anywhere I have to be or go until Tuesday so my plan is to rest and sleep and try to make whatever this is go away.

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I went to lie down on the bed for a while and listen to the game.  I can't get the game on the bedroom TV but I can hear it from the living room.  Then I thought ...  why?  Why do I need two TiVo's in the living room?  Why don't I share?  The two TiVos is left over from before I upgraded one of them to the 4 tuner version. 

Once I got the older one moved into the bedroom, I remembered the other reason...  Before cataract surgery, I could not *see* the TiVo menus from the bed.  Now I can!!

I have set up TiVo's in various configurations so many times and never ever is it easy.  I always fuck something up.  Today I plugged the cable into the outlet clearly marked antenna (right next to the one marked cable).  It took me an embarrassing long time to troubleshoot that sucker.

Next step is to dig out the Harmony remote.  The TiVo remote does not have a sleep button and I need that in the bedroom.  

Now I'm going to go turn on the ballgame in the bedroom and close my eyes for a bit.
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