Oct. 3rd, 2012

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My eye doctor said I was her poster child for eye surgery. I really can see amazingly well totally unaided. She kept asking me if I wanted a prescription for glasses and I kept telling her that I didn't need them - at all - thank you very much. My phone, particularly, is where I notice it. I can see it so much better now, it feels like I'm looking at a major hardware upgrade.

Everything else checked out perfectly and she does not want to see me for a month. Oh and she cleared me for the pool!!

The last bit is paying the bill. I love that clinic but their billing is slow as Christmas. Oh well. Thankfully, I have the money so when it comes I'll pay it.

But, mainly, I feel like a major deal is now in the rear view mirror and there is unencumbered sailing ahead.

I did hear back from my regular doctor last night about that cold and he agreed with me that I did not need to come see him or do anything unless and until it got worse. And this morning I actually feel much better. I'm going to take it easy today - watch the last ballgame of the year this afternoon, knit and piddle around and make sure it is gone gone gone and then declare victory.


The cyclamen plant that my secret friend sent is thriving. When it arrived, it had a lot of dead leaves. I left if alone - except added a bit of water for few days. Then I trimmed off the dead stuff and now it has a bunch of new leaves coming out and about a half dozen new flowers!!! It's really beautiful and just tickles me to bits every time I spy it.

I am so lucky and so grateful for such a lovely life.
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