Oct. 7th, 2012

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So last night, I looked over at the laptop and there was red 1 indicating that I had a comment in G+. I clicked on it. It was 10:03. (Dropcam, thoughtfully sent me an email telling me I was offline - that's how I knew the time.)

No matter what URL I went to - IP or domain name, I was taken to http://lockedcustomer.comcast.net and from there, transported to a Comcast.com page that said my service had been terminated and I should call 1-800-Comcast.

I could ping any ip or domain name with no errors and fast replies but I could get to no web page in any browser. It was beyond weird. I called Comcast. I got a nice guy who did not start from 'is your computer turned on.' At one point, he put me on hold and I accidentally hung up on him so I had to start again. Again, the guy was pretty darned sharp. He said my modem needed to be reprovisioned. And their reprovisioning engine was down.

I still think it was beyond weird that I was clearly connected to the internet but could not get to web pages or much of anything else. Just weird.

My phone - with Sprint's oh so crap data service - at least brought me email, etc. So I went to bed. At 2:30, I woke up and checked the radio (internet radio) and after a bit of fiddling, it came on so I knew we were back in the saddle again.

And I never did lose my TV cable. Everything was back and fully operational this morning with no intervention on my part. Yeah!!


I've had 3 days of bloody noses. Mostly they dry up pretty fast but I'm running through tissues like crazy and it's annoying as hell. I probably need to set up and fire up the humidifier which I hate to do since it's a pia. But so are these blood fests. Sigh.


I'm not particularly hungry and/or inspired to go to brunch anywhere but I do want to get out and walk a bit and not really around here. Maybe I'll go over to West Seattle - I need more tissues anyway.
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So far today all the blood has stayed on the correct side of the skin in my nose. Yeah.

BUT somehow somewhere - swimming yesterday maybe? I did something ugly to my calf muscles. Last night they kept cramping up and today they won't get comfortable. Walking helped some but not completely. Ouch.


On the up side, I picked up my tablet to read a book I started weeks ago and then forgot about. The font was huge. I laughed at myself cause I started it before the last eye surgery. I sure don't need that big a font now!!


It's getting cooler here but not quite cool enough for me yet. Maybe this week. We have not had any rain to speak of since the 3rd week in July. It looks like we could get some by the end of the week. I hope so.


I did not go to brunch today but ended up walking around and then kind of shopping. I have a list of stuff I'd like but don't really have to have at least not now. So today I walked around Target and Bed, Bath etc. Both had stuff that was close to stuff on my list but not close enough for me to actually for over $$ for.

Back when I was working I would have just bought the close enough stuff and, if I found exactly what I wanted, replaced it and taken the close enough to Goodwill. Now I have far more time and I am far more reluctant to spend.

I wanted tissues. The tissues I wanted - Puffs with lotion - were $1.99 a box at one place and $2.29 at another. NFW. I came home and ordered them from Amazon $1.49.

The other stuff I'll get when I find exactly what I want.


I watched the A's and the Tiger's play this afternoon. I'd like to see the A's win but that's not happening. Detroit is good. Really good.


The Sounders are playing tonight and winning so we've had fireworks so Betty is safely ensconced in the far corner of the dark closet.
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