Oct. 11th, 2012

Coming out

Oct. 11th, 2012 02:22 pm
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The Flirtations used to have this bit in their show where in between songs they would talk about their individual comings out and one of them would ask the audience if there were any straight people out there and ask for a show of hands. I was nestled in between two adorable gay couples and I felt very weird raising my hand.

I've never known what it's like to be so different in such an invisible way and have everyone you know and love assume something so fundamentally incorrect about who you are. And have to tell them their assumptions are wrong.

It is out of my scope of understanding. I've seen it go beautifully and I've seen it go horribly. I hate that it has to be any kind of deal at all.
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So. I want to see the movie Butter. It's playing in town but at a theater that is fiddly to get to (actually, it's just a bitch to get home from cause of traffic and the bus schedules to and from there suck).

Google Play Store got some new stuff today so I went to check it out. And while I was there I decided to look up Butter. They've got it. $6.99 rental. It would cost me $8 at the theater. And I wouldn't have to fight traffic.

But, do I really want to watch it on my 7" Nexus? I hate watching movies or TV on my computer - I don't even know why. Wait. Isn't there a phone to TV deal? Yes, yes, there is - HDMI - $2.54 cable on Amazon free shipping (?? I don't understand that - I did not renew my Prime membership but it says free shipping so who am I to quibble??)

I could buy the movie from Amazon and play it on TiVo - I think or maybe even via one of those apps on my TV... but that's $9.99 - why pay the extra $2?

Wonder if I can get the Play store on my TV... Google tells me that there's an app for that.

Long story just a little bit longer... I found this bit o' magic. It'a phone app called ZappoTV. I installed it. It found my TV automagically. And then gave me a list of stuff to browse. I click on anything - from a list on my telephone - a picture, a podcast, a video and then click on the TV button and the fucking thing is PLAYING ON MY TV!!

I can even play music, videos, photos from any computer in the house! ON MY TV! Wirelessly!

OMG. I mean, really OMG.

My future head is exploding.


Later: like 20 minutes

Ok... upon further examination, it's still magic but it won't play my movie. I tested with a free TV show and nope. But it still does play other stuff which, in a pinch is cool. Especially podcasts.

But, I'm going to have to wait for my $2.54 cable to watch the movie, I think.

Even more (and the last) Later: like 5 minutes

Just looked it up on TiVo and for $6.99 I can rent it from Comcast On Demand! (Or from Amazon for $9.99 or from other places in between.)

My head is now exploding with options!
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