Oct. 12th, 2012


Oct. 12th, 2012 09:25 am
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My brother was invited (with all expenses paid) by one of his vendors to SMB Nation. (Small/Medium sized Business - business conference.) He finagled a free virtual ticket for me so I could listen in. So this morning I've been listening (and watching but there's nothing much to look at) to the speakers. Really interesting stuff.

But I'm not going to do this all day...

I was thinking of going back to the Evans pool for that 10 am class like I went to on Wednesday but I think instead, I'm going to walk. Walk uptown and to the movie theater. Swimming is great but I want to also get some walking in, too. I think I'll go see Pitch Perfect and then walk home.

It's supposed to be very cool and rainy today. No rain yet but it is cool. Perfect walking weather. I don't mind walking in the rain but I don't like walking in wet feet. I need rain resistant walking footwear. Not necessarily boots but my sneakers have 'breathing holes' which turn into water holes. Maybe I'll leave a little early and look at some shoe options.


I have sat in a lot of seminars and speaker events and I have to say that having the words come into my own little computer while I clean the kitchen up and brush my teeth and get dressed is way way way better than sitting in some random hotel conference room in a crappy chair trying to pay attention.

Again, living in the future just rocks my socks.
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I headed out today and got about two blocks without struggling. I was so out of breath. I pushed on and took some escalators. I stopped in the public library to check out their shop which wasn't open yet so I ended up standing and not moving for maybe 3 minutes and that was really all it took. I was fine after that. I did take the bus half the way home but that was more to get out of the wind than anything else.

Plus I tried out some shoes in my closet. They do not have holes but they are no good for walking. I have one more pair to try.

I'm a little worried about the breathing thing. I don't want to have to get a scooter again at CES. Nor do I want to go through all those breathing tests again. On Wednesday when I worked out so hard in the pool, I did get a little short of breath but more like the old days - I mean like regular people and I recovered very quickly and enough to start again.

I have an appointment with my doctor - regular checkup - a week from Monday and I want to tell him all is fine.

The movie - Perfect Pitch - did not hurt a thing and parts of it were pretty enjoyable. There was a pack of teenagers in the theater... no school???? I thought they were going to be a problem but they settled down once the movie started.

The wind downtown was gusting big time - traffic lights horizontal gusts. It's not even very breezy here now.

Now I'm kind of watching the Yankee game.
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