Oct. 23rd, 2012

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A year ago - almost exactly - I found out via a lovely little pneumonia that 40 years of smoking is indeed, hazardous to your health.  My lungs tested out at about half what they should have for my size and age.  It took me about 3 months to quit coughing and feel good again.

As if to celebrate the anniversary, the cough has now returned.  It's not horrible itself but the threat it poses is pretty nasty.  I don't have lungs enough to fight off much of anything infection wise.  I'm not wild about being sick but I am terrified of ending up chained to an oxygen tank and dependent on all the medical services that go along with that.

So now with every cough I stress - is it worse? than it was last hour/yesterday?  Should I go get some exercise or stay in an drink tea?  Am I turning into a hypochondriac?  If I just ignore it all, will it morph into those nights like last year when I lay awake all night gasping for air and/or into a straight shot to that oxygen tank?

Already, I hate the focus and worry that I'm doing now over it all.

Fortunately I don't have the added - to the doctor or not - stress.  I already have an appointment next Monday morning - a general checkup and I'm assuming I'll live until Monday.  
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I spent some quality time in my fish bed today reading <http://http://www.amazon.com/world-mart-ebook/dp/b005vtn1oc/ref=sr_1_2?ie=utf8&qid=1351026895&sr=8-2&keywords=world+mart>World Mart. It's a future novel and when one of the main characters picks up a virus she is turned into the equivalent of an untouchable. She ends up with the others in her predicament in a special wing of the hospital where they are marooned after recovery. The manager in charge is reading them their rights and the rules and he cheerfully offers up a sign up sheet for free euthanasia.

I totally love this idea. I am not at all ready now but when I am, what a great option!


I skipped swimming but I am not skipping the movie. [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu offered to share his free pass to a preview showing of a movie I really want to see - The Sessions. Based on the preview we saw last week - getting in line early is a good plan so I'm hoping to get there about 5:30-5:45ish.

I was planning to grab a slice of pizza before hand and may still do that but also I just discovered there is a BECU office around the corner. Years and years ago I had an account/membership at BECU (formerly Boeing Employees Credit Union) and now I want another one but because I am a Person in their system, I have to apply in person rather than on their website or by phone. So maybe I will leave early and go do that.

The theater is in a part of town with no good parking but I'm not sure walking, especially uphills and after dark (after the movie) to catch buses is a good plan today so I'll drive and pay out the nose.

Totally worth it.


I cast my vote today. Based on the number of tv commercials alone, I figured there was going to be way more decisions to make but, the ballot for this county had no surprises and the decisions were pretty clear. There were a lot of people running unopposed for some judgeships and other not top of mind positions. Really easy decisions there.

I used my last stamp. Note to self: get more before you need them.
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