Oct. 24th, 2012

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Yesterday my cough went away pretty much completely and was replaced by a throat which feels like it is coated in heated glass shards. It hurts a lot. And now I'm getting the runny nose and cough.

I have not had a cold in probably 10 years or more. And I've not had one since my lungs got so compromised.

I stopped by McDonalds on the way home from the job thing and picked up two chocolate milkshakes. One is in the freezer and I just finished the other. Nothing feels as good to me on a sore throat than a chocolate milkshake.


I got my account set up at BECU and finally got online access to it today. So that's all squared away.


I just called the doctor's office and she was able to move my Monday 8:30 appointment to tomorrow at 8:30. That makes me feel oh so much better. Dr. Lee will fix me right up and ensure it doesn't get really bad in the process. Yeah.


So that leaves me with today. I have a coupon for a free Amazon video and I think I'll cash it in on the NY Times documentary.
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