Oct. 26th, 2012

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My throat is all healed. Now I have one of those gross disgusting cough up a lung coughs. Nice. I did sleep from 9 last night til 8 this morning. So I'm rested. And I don't have to go anywhere today and inflict this cough on anyone. Also I'm hoping that being vertical for a while may cycle through the coughing.

I'd love to be better enough to go swim tomorrow but I'm not hopeful. The last time I was in the pool was last Monday. Fish gotta swim!

The kitchen needs a bit of cleaning and this bedroom really does. I have dirty clothes all over the floor topped with a layer of dirty tissues. What a mess.

My new inhaler - the Spiriva is a weird little thing. Yesterday I completely fucked it up but I got it right today. You put this capsule into this gizmo and then push a button to puncture it and then you take one long suck, hold it breathe and repeat. If you hear/feel a rattle, you've done it correctly. I rattled away today. Yeah!

My rescue inhaler (Combivent) has also changed it's hardware. It's being sent from the mail order place but I was able to see how it works on their website.

So soon I will have none of the old fashioned L-shaped inhalers which I never really mastered anyway.

I have now been semi-vertical (sitting in bed on the laptop) for an hour and the coughing is not as bad as it was. I just made a phone call and was able to talk clearly without coughing for most of it. Maybe there is hope.

I think it's time to get out of bed and clean up this pig sty.
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I have spent the day blowing my nose - Puffs tissues' stock probably skyrocketed. I finally took one of the cough suppressant pills that the doctor gave me last year and bam! cough pretty much gave up the ghost.

I even felt well enough to make a run out for eggs and milk and I'm baking a chicken for dinner. I'm hoping for another good night's sleep. If I can pull that off, I feel like I might be able to kick whatever this is to the curb sooner than later.

My head's still pretty clogged but my lungs are not at all unhappy. I can easily take a deep breath without coughing. This is major good.

And that's all I know about today.


Oct. 26th, 2012 07:33 pm
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My nose is really raw so I thought I'd dig into my sad little box o' medical supplies and see if I had any Vicks or neosporin or something to put on it.

Sad sad sad... It's filled with bubble packs of capsules and tablets - some of which are labeled.. but not all. A lot are for colds. There are a handful of little pink caplets wrapped in a piece of paper with my handwriting on it labeled 'anti-histamine'. They aren't dated. Of the ones that are dated the most recent date I could find was 2007. There were a couple of packets of these mentholated capsules that you drop into a cup of hot water and just breathe over. I got them in New Zealand. I was last in New Zealand in 1995.

I think it may be time to dump all that shit into a bag and take it to the pharmacy's 'dump your old drugs here' bucket.

I did find the Vicks - expiration date of June 02, in the bathroom drawer. I'm using it anyway. Be on the lookout for the headline:

Expired Vapor Rub kills Web Executive
but her nose looked great!

(Back in the 70's and 80's in upstate NY, whenever an IBMer died, newspapers always called them 'executive' in their obit. They could have been in charge of the toilets, but when they left this earth it was as an IBM Executive.)
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