Oct. 29th, 2012

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I am even better today. The next hurdle is going to be after the antibiotic - my last pill is today. I figure by Wednesday I'll be able to declare victory. I expect the remnants to last another week. Last night I slept great with no breathe rite strip at all.

I have been remembering my dreams lately and they have all been about parties. Situations where I am surrounded by lots of people - fun people and enjoying myself. Pretty different than RL!

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time planning my financial future. I have options - all of which are doable. In the next month or so I'll sit down with my financial adviser and let him pick which one. I am now entirely comfortable with the level of living I can do without going back to work. Nice. I did not start saving much until I was in my early 40's but once I started, I overachieved and made sure that my savings earned as much as possible. I'd be way better off if I had started earlier but whatareyagoingtodo.

Today is swimming. There is no class which is fine. I'll just be there when the pool opens at 11 and do my own thing. I can do the same routines that the instructors lead us to do. At my own pace and to my own music. Or I can do one of my classes-on-mp3. I'll just be so glad to get back in the water. It's been a week and it feels like a month.
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