Oct. 30th, 2012

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I have not read or heard from all of my NE LJ friends about how they survived the storm. A couple of them will likely never chime in as they abandoned LJ a while ago but I sure hope the others are ok. This is really THE only time I am sorry I'm not on Facebook as I am sure they have report in there. It's a fleeting sorry. Actually, I'm over it.


I just looked at the new friends page (link at the top to try it out) and while I understand the benefits, they just aren't any I'm interested in. But, if we must, we must. Won't be the end of the world - the words and pictures and links are still there. I'll get used to it eventually, but I'm sticking to the old version for as long as I can.


My breathing isn't the best today. It's still so hard to tell what is normal for me, what is the bronchitis still not completely gone and what is something else. I did get a new rescue inhaler (Combivent) which is at least way easier to use. I was never sure with the old one that I was even getting any of the medicine. I am absolutely sure with this new one and it's packaged in a way that I can take it with me easily which the other was not. I'm holding off taking it this morning until it gets closer to swim time.

Yesterday, I did ok in the pool. There was a little coughing but not too bad. I took it easy and got out after about 40 minutes. When I got to the car after the shower and dressing, I was panting but not horribly and it cleared up quickly. So today I try the new inhaler before class and we shall see how it goes.


I organized my music yesterday. I fixed up the thumb drive I keep plugged into the car radio system and the micro card in my phone. I have some on the cloud at Amazon and some on the cloud at Google but so often Sprint's signal is too crappy to make cloud listening my first choice unless it's Pandora.

I never learned to work, read or study with music in the background. But now I have large blocks of time for listening an now I'm organized to do it.

I was looking at Pandora genres the other day and found one called "Classical for studying". I wonder what my musical habits would be like had I not grown up in a time when record players needed you to get up and tend to them when the album finished.


I have a giant annoying callous on the side of my left hand ring finger. It's from knitting and it's driving me crazy. Finally I dug into my chest of ancient first aide supplies and found these weird pads for foot callouses. I cut one up to fit my finger and it's perfect. I can wear it all the time (as opposed to putting on a new one every time I pick up knitting needles) and it's comfortable, I can knit easily with it on and it's working! I tried it for several days and then checked. The callous was way smaller. I put a new one on and plan to keep it up until it's gone.


The leaves on the Tree That I Hate are not falling off fast enough for me. We've had some good wind gusts but none seem to do the trick. The work on the construction across the street is getting really interesting and I want to see it all!! We're supposed to get a nice storm tonight... maybe that will help it along.
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After I wrote up this morning's entry, I went to swimming class. When I got into the car, I popped the new thumb drive in and fired it up and the second song to come on was the Livejournal Stanty from 2006.

I cracked up when it got to this verse:

And let's bitch 'cause they changed the UI without telling
My icon's a goat now and it won't check my spelling
I don't ask for much, but I'd like to be told
When the parent company's parent company's
parent company's parent company's
parent company's parent company's
company's been sold


Swimming did not go so well, I was coughing too much to even finish the class.  I only missed the last 5 mins, tho.  But I think I'll take it easy on the pool time.  I want this cough to go away.  I stopped by the pharmacist to pick up a prescription and then came home and coughed the whole time but now that I've been home and not moving too much for the past hour, the cough seems to be taking a nap.  

I think taking it easy for a while longer is the best bet.  I got nothing that has to be done and plenty that can be done without exertion for  the foreseeable future. I plan to lay low until no coughing.
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