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I keep waiting for this cold to hit and so far it hasn't. I'm still feeling what I would call pre-cold - this will be day 3. Usually pre-cold is 1 day or less. So... maybe... it's going to give up the ghost before it matures. I sure hope so.

I have nothing that has to be done today. Except cleaning up yesterday's mess. The kitchen needs attention and the living room could use a tidy. And it's the first of the month which is bear delivery day. BUT if none of that happens, no big deal. I appreciate the freedom so much.

Both my local NPR stations are in pledge drives. So today I am KQED. One of my stations will be back to regular on Friday. I love having the choices. I'm still so grateful to [ profile] howeird for turning me onto SqueezeBox radio. It's just perfect for me.

My next purchase probably won't happen unless I go back to work and even then it might be too expensive. I want to make my wood burning fireplace into an electric heater. I want one of those fancy, pretty ones like this:


Probably it is a bad idea and not economically practical but I figure this is the time of year to investigate anyway.

But now I think I'm going to tackle some of those chores I mentioned... and bag up the bears.
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