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I have an app on my phone that I can use to look up what's playing at my favorite theater. I have another app that lets me make a list of movies that I want to see. Now I need an app that takes the movies I want to see and tell me when they will be at my favorite theaters.

Those dots should not be that hard to connect.

I have 10K in a 401K from the company that laid me off. It's at MassMutual. I have an IRA at Ameriprise and I want to roll over the 10K from MassMutual to Ameriprise. It should be a nobrainer and cost me under $50.

However, it turns out to be a giant brainer, apparently.
  • My Ameriprise guy tried to suck the money out from his end. Rejected.
  • Zero info on the MassMutual site about how to do it.
  • Email to MassMutual said for me to contact Arlene at my old company. I know she won't know.
  • I finally get a hold of Chris, the local MassMutual guy who set up the 401K. He says Arlene knows.
  • I send email to Arlene. She sends my email to Chris telling him to fix it.
  • He sends me to 'the admin company'. He does not know who but does deal with Sharon. I call Sharon. She doesn't work on Mondays but her voice mail says hang up and call back for Kathy.
  • Kathy not there but her voicemail says I should call Sharon.
  • I did a reverse look up on the phone number and found their website and left an email.

Holy fuck.


And my gmail spam filter thinks I want to learn more languages. Spam trying to get me to learn new languages keeps getting through - not once or twice but 3 times a day for about two weeks now. I keep marking it as spam and it keeps coming. I'm ready for penile implants and Nigeran princes.


I'm actually feeling less pre-cold today but I took more prednizone this morning so it could be a false positive. If I feel the same tomorrow, I'll try it without prednizone. Fingers crossed.


Laundry done, two loads. Sheets changed and washed. Kitchen clean. Living room tidy-ish. A good day so far!
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