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Kathi did call me back - one of the final dots in my previous entry - and wow. She was as sharp as a tack!! She emailed me the form. I filled it out and pdf'd it and sent it back to her. She said she'd get my former employer to fill out their bit and send it on to MassMutual. Whew and yeah!!


To get a little breeze in here some days, I open up the door to the hallway which is a shotgun hallway right to the sliding glass door at the other end of the condo. The cats would wander out into the hallway sometimes. I knew they wouldn't go anywhere because they can't reach the elevator button and have no where to go anyway. They both had tags with my unit and telephone number and they both have implanted chips. So oool. Except an asshole down the hall complained to the board.

So I got a 3 foot high shogi screen. When I open the door, I put up the screen and no more cats in the hallway. Travis would sometimes lay by the screen around 5-6ish when the coming home from traffic work was high. But neither of them every tried to even leap over it.

Today I went down to get the mail and when I came back, Renay from across the hall was in my hallway with Betty who was roaming around happily. She did not have her collar on so Renay didn't know for sure she was mine. Her plan, apparently was to hang out with Betty until I got back. So sweet.

But, Betty????? Sneaking out of the gate?? That has been there now for 2 years? You are one crafty devil.

She's now here asleep at my feet, innocence personified just waiting til 5 pm dinner time.
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