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Betty and I are getting into a rhythm.  At night, she goes into the bedroom about 15 mins before I do.  When I get there she is curled up in the very middle of the bed.  Every time.  And she won't move.  I pull the comforter from the end of the bed so she moves down and I have room to get in.  This is apparently ok with her.

Her latest trick is ordering up second helpings.  She has always there nibbles and then gets canned food in the morning and at dinner.  She is always ready - usually bugging me - before the canned food meals.  I fill up her dish and go on about whatever I'm doing.  And then, if she wants more, she comes and asks.

This morning I was brushing my teeth and getting dressed and she was yakking away and circling my ankles.  If I took a step towards the kitchen she'd run on ahead turning around to make sure I was following. (Kind o a Timmy's in the Well!!! dance.) If I wasn't following her to the kitchen, she'd start from scratch with the yakking.  When I finally got the hint I discovered she had licked the bowl clean so I filled it up again.  This time she licked the bowl clean again but didn't ask for more.

She's quite the cat.

I got all my errands done.  50% off on bear stuffing!!  I got 7 bags - the car can really fit about 10 but I don't have any good place to keep 10 so I stopped at 7.  That should last me a bit anyway.  They didn't have much in the way of good yarn deals but I picked up on giant skein that was on the drastically reduced shelf.

I got my cinnamon buns at Trader Joe's and the cat litter.  I changed my mind about the Hold's at the library.  They were CD's and I created a Pandora channel instead.  And I think I'll go see that movie tomorrow maybe.

My neighbors, Ron and Ann have gone to Mexico for two weeks.  My house will be my own again.  No chef, no cleaner, no neighbors - just me and Betty for the next two weeks.  I find a lot of peace and calm in that.
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