Oct. 6th, 2012 07:32 am
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My Saturday swim class is the best in terms of exercise.  The weekday classes are good and my swim buddies are there but my Saturday class has the best teacher so I work the hardest.  Plus, it's at 8:30.  I am a die hard morning person.  And this is the greatest way to celebrate the morning.
I think I'll go a little early this morning and work in a few laps of regular swimming.  But even so, it's too early to leave yet.

After swim, I have a new restaurant to try out for brunch.  There may be a movie this afternoon.  This is one of the few weekend days this fall when access and egress to my parking space and/or bus ridership will not be encumbered by a football or soccer game.  I don't mind the sporting events at all but it seems a shame not to take advantage of a free day! 
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