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So last night, I looked over at the laptop and there was red 1 indicating that I had a comment in G+. I clicked on it. It was 10:03. (Dropcam, thoughtfully sent me an email telling me I was offline - that's how I knew the time.)

No matter what URL I went to - IP or domain name, I was taken to and from there, transported to a page that said my service had been terminated and I should call 1-800-Comcast.

I could ping any ip or domain name with no errors and fast replies but I could get to no web page in any browser. It was beyond weird. I called Comcast. I got a nice guy who did not start from 'is your computer turned on.' At one point, he put me on hold and I accidentally hung up on him so I had to start again. Again, the guy was pretty darned sharp. He said my modem needed to be reprovisioned. And their reprovisioning engine was down.

I still think it was beyond weird that I was clearly connected to the internet but could not get to web pages or much of anything else. Just weird.

My phone - with Sprint's oh so crap data service - at least brought me email, etc. So I went to bed. At 2:30, I woke up and checked the radio (internet radio) and after a bit of fiddling, it came on so I knew we were back in the saddle again.

And I never did lose my TV cable. Everything was back and fully operational this morning with no intervention on my part. Yeah!!


I've had 3 days of bloody noses. Mostly they dry up pretty fast but I'm running through tissues like crazy and it's annoying as hell. I probably need to set up and fire up the humidifier which I hate to do since it's a pia. But so are these blood fests. Sigh.


I'm not particularly hungry and/or inspired to go to brunch anywhere but I do want to get out and walk a bit and not really around here. Maybe I'll go over to West Seattle - I need more tissues anyway.
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