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I decided today to mix it up a bit. There's a class at 10 at a pool not that far away (Greenlake). I had gone once before but it was a warm sunny day and the closest parking space was in Spokane. But, today was cloudy and I thought what the hell...

I found a parking space in the parking lot! Miracle du jour. The pool doors don't open until 10 so I was cooling my heels outside when a woman headed for class joined me. She gave me some good pre-class skippy.

The teacher - Dave - turned out to be great. The class was way way way more intense than I am used to and 15 minutes longer. I may not be able to move tomorrow. Dave, as it turns out, was new to everyone else in the class and they were as impressed as I was. He said he teaches it every Wednesday. I'm so there. Oh and the woman I met pre-class says that when the weather is cold and/or rainy, parking is not bad at all. Yeah!!

Then I went over to the fireplace store to ask about electric fireplaces. I talked to a really nice guy who gave me tons of great info. I think I've got a plan. I think it's going to cost me way more than I planned but I think I'm going to do it anyway.

I have to clean out the fireplace and get good pictures and good measurements. Maybe this afternoon.

Right now I have to get something to eat because I am starving.
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