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So. I want to see the movie Butter. It's playing in town but at a theater that is fiddly to get to (actually, it's just a bitch to get home from cause of traffic and the bus schedules to and from there suck).

Google Play Store got some new stuff today so I went to check it out. And while I was there I decided to look up Butter. They've got it. $6.99 rental. It would cost me $8 at the theater. And I wouldn't have to fight traffic.

But, do I really want to watch it on my 7" Nexus? I hate watching movies or TV on my computer - I don't even know why. Wait. Isn't there a phone to TV deal? Yes, yes, there is - HDMI - $2.54 cable on Amazon free shipping (?? I don't understand that - I did not renew my Prime membership but it says free shipping so who am I to quibble??)

I could buy the movie from Amazon and play it on TiVo - I think or maybe even via one of those apps on my TV... but that's $9.99 - why pay the extra $2?

Wonder if I can get the Play store on my TV... Google tells me that there's an app for that.

Long story just a little bit longer... I found this bit o' magic. It'a phone app called ZappoTV. I installed it. It found my TV automagically. And then gave me a list of stuff to browse. I click on anything - from a list on my telephone - a picture, a podcast, a video and then click on the TV button and the fucking thing is PLAYING ON MY TV!!

I can even play music, videos, photos from any computer in the house! ON MY TV! Wirelessly!

OMG. I mean, really OMG.

My future head is exploding.


Later: like 20 minutes

Ok... upon further examination, it's still magic but it won't play my movie. I tested with a free TV show and nope. But it still does play other stuff which, in a pinch is cool. Especially podcasts.

But, I'm going to have to wait for my $2.54 cable to watch the movie, I think.

Even more (and the last) Later: like 5 minutes

Just looked it up on TiVo and for $6.99 I can rent it from Comcast On Demand! (Or from Amazon for $9.99 or from other places in between.)

My head is now exploding with options!
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